Advanced plastic surgery

Many visitors come annually from the whole countries of the world, the Middle East, and Europe to Turkey to undergo cosmetic operations. Plastic surgeries in Turkey have achieved great success within the last ten years. It become a strong competitor among the leading countries in this field such as India, Brazil, England, Lebanon and others.

We -Dr.alakkad as a integrated medical team- have a great experience in plastic surgery in Turkey, where our goal is to achieve the requirements of the patient. Also, we care about the smallest details to reach satisfactory and guaranteed results, as well as, we consider the preservation of the patient’s privacy, whatever his medical condition. (Read about privacy policy) .

The medical staff of Dr.alakkad has carried out many successful cosmetic operations of which, everyone is proud, because of the technological advances used and the experience of doctors that exceeds dozens of years in the cosmetic field both inside and outside Turkey.

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Hair and skin plastic surgery

Chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation makes the skin healthier, more vibrant, and younger looking. It helps you getting rid of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, oily skin, freckles and sun spots. Chemical exfoliation helps you getting smooth, flawless skin.

There are different types of chemical exfoliations, such as superficial – simple – intermediate – deep exfoliation, and this is determined according to the nature of the skin and what it needs.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

Injection of platelet rich plasma is one of the most effective treatments, as it is considered a revolutionary treatment in plastic surgery in Turkey.

The plasma injection depends on the type used in the injection process, as there are many types that are not highly effective.

Plasma injections are used in the areas of ​​the face, hair, teeth, and knee, as they have already achieved substantial and advanced results in obtaining skin with youthfulness, and have also helped in reduction of hair loss dramatically.

Treatment by Laser or micro-current device

Laser therapy or a micro-current device is an effective treatment for people who suffer from scars or spots that appear on the skin or black pimples. It is a small portable device in the hand that emits waves to break up pimples or excess skin and get rid of any scars or black pimples that may be inappropriate for the genaral appearance of the person.

Hair implant procedure

Hair implant in Turkey is one of the most cosmetic operations, and it is one of the successful operations that be performed. Success of hair implant in Turkey does not depend on choosing a doctor with experience and high efficiency to conduct it, But we -the medical staff of D. Akkad- assure you about the quality of service and ensure the success of the hair implant procedure in case of your full commitment to the complete instructions after the hair implant procedure.

Hair implant procedure in Turkey is performed through several techniques, but its goal is the same, as the follicles are extracted from the donating area of hair to the area in which we want the hair to grow. The procedure may last for 7-9 hours.

Meso-therapy injection

Meso-therapy provides benefits for the skin, such as:

removal of wrinkles and aging marks.

removal of pigmentations and melasma.

 Removal of acne scars.

Removal of body cracks.

Reduction of sagging skin in the abdomen and buttocks.

Restoration of skin’s youthfulness, vitality and youth. Stimulation of blood circulation.

Treatment of broad facial pores and improvement their appearance.

 meso-therapy injection technique is used to treat the face thinness.

Plastic surgery in Turkey

abdominal tightening

Abdominal tightening is performed after a careful examination of the areas of sagging skin, and the areas of excess skin that sometimes causes anxiety for some women about the presence of flabby skin that is caused by age, after pregnancy, or after performance of gastric sleeve operations. Also some men are interested in such operations to improve the shape of the abdomen, highlight the muscles, and remove the sagging skin in the abdominal and waist areas.


In Turkey, liposuction procedure is performed through body sculpting to get a consistent body build, where excess fat in unwanted areas is sucked, also stubborn fat that cannot be discarded by exercising, such as accumulated in the waist, buttocks, abdominal area, thighs, and breasts. liposuction can be combined with other cosmetic operations.

The procedure of liposuction is carried out by highly skilled consultants, advanced techniques, and fully equipped operating rooms. The process of liposuction may last from one to three hours, and is performed under general anesthesia, but if the liposuction area is small, it is done under local anesthesia.

buttocks tightening

Some women may suffer from sagging buttocks as a result of significant weight loss or skin sagging, especially after gastric sleeve gastrectomy.

Buttock tightening procedure is performed by removing the skin and excess fat, then the skin and tissues are tightened to give a smooth and narrow appearance, in which the skin is polished after removing the flabby parts in a way that does not leave a clear effect. It is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Waist and abdomen sculpting

Waist and abdomen sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that aims to get rid of excess fat in the abdomen and waist to get a beautiful slim waist and realign the body.

Women want to undergo waist and abdomen sculpting to get a perfect body shape like the actress, also they have a desire to wear clothes that are of the ideal size. At the same time, many men embarked on the abdominal and waist sculpting operations to obtain an athletic body shape and prominent muscles in the abdominal area.

There are many and many techniques used to sculpt the waist and abdomen, including simple non-surgical ones that are performed through devices throughout many sessions to obtain the required results, they also include the techniques based on laser rays, or abdominal sculpting through sound waves, mesotherapy for abdominal and waist sculpting, abdomen and waist sculpting through the cooling technique, laser sculpting of the waist and abdomen, cold laser for sculpting the waist and abdomen, or the abdomen only.

Fat injection

The procedure of transferring or injecting fat is suitable for people who want to improve different areas of the body, fill scars and body depressions, and rejuvenate the face or hands. It may also be used in areas of the face that are wrinkled and submerged. Also, this procedure may be used to rebuild the breast, fill the flabby areas, and hide some body defects. Excess fat is drawn from different areas of the body, such as the outer thighs and waist, then it is re-injected according to the patient’s need.

Butt enlargement procedure

Butt enlargement surgery is a procedure that improves the shape of the butt, reconfigures or displays it in a specific way, and this depends on the evaluation of the consultant. Through this procedure, Butt appears in a manner that is consistent with the upper body, waist and thighs.

The Butt enlargement procedure is carried out through several methods, either by implanting artificial fillings or silicon, which is medical and has no side effects. It is also possible to perform it by injecting self-fat (from the same body), which is common and safe, but depends on the nature of the body.

Arm tightening

Arm tightening is a cosmetic procedure in Turkey, that aims to reduce the amount of excess skin on the arms and is recommended when a person loses a lot of his weight. The operation lasts for two hours, after that, the person can be discharged from hospital after one or two days.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and the length and shape of the incision which is done by the consultant depends on the area and the amount of excess skin to be removed. The incision is usually made on the inner or posterior part of the arm, so that the scars are less visible. If the skin is not excessive, the incision will be small. It may extend from above the elbow to the armpit, if there is too much excess skin to be removed. Liposuction may also be performed. The underlying and supportive tissues can be strengthened and reshaped with internal threads. Finally, the wound is sutured and the skin is smoothened over the new tightened area in your arm.

Breast reconstruction in Turkey:

Breast augmentation:

The breast augmentation procedure can be performed in Turkey through several methods, either with saline solution, silicon or fat injection, where it is inserted through a very small incision behind the breasts or in specific areas around the breast. You may have decided that you want to undergo this procedure because you are dissatisfied with the change of the most prominent feature that distinguishes you, and gives confidence to you, or because of the aging process, or you may feel that the size of your breasts is not appropriate for the rest of your body. Or, you may feel that the breasts are very small compared to the rest of the body.

The full recovery period may range only from 10 to 12 weeks, and the results of breast operations in Turkey vary from person to person, depending on what was done during the operation, and the shape of the breasts before.

Breast reduction:

Large breasts may not be appropriate for you. It may cause many common physical problems and embarrassments associated with size and weight such as neck pain, back pain, and fat accumulation in the shoulder, which also leads to rashes, eczema, and fungal infections on the skin and under your breasts.

Here, the consultant decides the procedure of breast reduction based on the general appearance of the entire body. You have been clarified and approximated about the results of the operation in a way that is commensurate with the overall appearance of your body.

Breast lift:

Sagging skin may occur causing the breasts to lose their fit shape with age, after pregnancy, breastfeeding, gastric sleeve operation, or even weight loss. Whatever the reasons, breast tightening operation in Turkey can be one of the suitable solutions that aim to rejuvenate your youth and give you a smaller, suitable, harmonious and tightened breast.

The consultant will make one or more incisions around your breasts, which does not affect the  shape in general, taking the exact number and position of the cracks into account, these matters depend on the technique used. The surgeon will discuss them with you before starting a breast-tightening procedure. The surgeon will remove the skin present around the areola or under your breasts, then put back the nipples in a natural way. He may also reduce the size of your aura to match the new look. After that, the incisions are closed with medical stitches that have no effect after the operation. Your breasts will be wrapped with a special bandage and support to maintain the success of the operation.

Breast reduction in men (gynecomastia)

The process of breast reduction in men or what is called (gynecomastia reduction) is one of the most important cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. The goal of the procedure is to treat a genetic or pathological condition called “gynecomastia” in men. This condition has several different causes such as genetic factors, obesity, disruptive weight loss, or the use of some medications like cortisone and others.

Gynecomastia reduction procedure is performed through simple surgical methods. The consultant examines the area of ​​the lower chest and its surroundings.

Gynecomastia reduction procedure is performed in men within a maximum of one to two hours, depending on the patient’s condition, and is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia.

Gynecomastia is problematic for many men, as it causes them to lose their self-confidence. It also impedes them from wearing clothes appropriate to their age and body shape

As for the post-operative stage, many of our patients who were undergo gynecomastia reduction have significant improvement shape of chest area, and this improvement has enabled them to increase their self-confidence in front of others.

Facial cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation in Turkey is a simple cosmetic surgery, that is performed within minutes, and improve the appearance of the lips in women of all ages. Some people may suffer from thin lips, or even the lips may lose their size over time.

The lip augmentation procedure is done through injection of botox, filler, or other medical fillings at the edges of the lip or in its middle to achieve the required size and to be consistent with the shape of the entire face.

Neck tightening

The neck-tightening procedure in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that is performed for people who suffer from flabby marks and old aging signs. In this procedure, the skin around the neck and jaw is reconfigured and tightened to reduce wrinkles and to get a more youthful appearance.

Ear plastic surgery

The plastic surgery of the ear in Turkey is one of the delicate and simple procedures, that the medical staff of Dr.alakkad is highly experienced in performing such operations. Sometimes, there are genetic factors that have resulted in an unusual auricle, or even due to exposure to some accidents that distort the shape of the ear. The auricle is one of the factors that contribute in the hearing process.

Eyelids Tightening procedure

Eyelid tightening procedure includes removal of the sagging skin of the lower or upper eyelids, in which the eyelid is reshaped, and the sagging skin is tightened to improve vision and make you appear younger. As for the lower eyelid stretching, it can help to reduce wrinkles and puffiness. The cost of eyelid tightening procedure varies depending on what the patient needs. In some cases, the patient needs tightening of upper lid or lower eyelid, and it may involved with other operations, so the cost becomes lower.

Cheek Implantation

Cheek implantation depends on the nature of the jawbones and cheeks, where silicone is placed over the cheekbones to reshape the cheek to look fit with the face and give it a consistent shape to get rid of any cavities in the cheeks. Cheek implant may be performed along with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a face tightening. Facial and jaw surgery may be performed to adjust the upper or lower jaw or to lift the sinuses.

Tightening and lifting the eyebrows

Eyebrow tightening in Turkey is a procedure, in which, we lift the eyelids to open the area around the eyes. It can also be done to reduce the lines of wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes (this procedure can also be done by injecting Botox)

The eyebrows are tightened and raised with precision and care, as the consultants take the final shape of the face into account to be appropriate and consistent.


Rhinoplasty operations in Turkey become among the most requested operations, due to the presence of efficient doctors and techniques, which allows the patient to choose the shape of the nose before beginning the procedure to meet the required nose shape more precisely, and this is what distinguishes the medical staff of Dr.alakkad. Rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey  is performed under the supervision of the most famous doctors and the best hospitals that produce more than five stars services. The reasons for performing a rhinoplasty procedure are different, such as exposure to bruises or fractures, and sometimes it is performed to reform the nose and adjusting the nasal septum to improve the breathing process, and it may only be for beautification to change the shape of the nose to appear consistent with the shape of the face.

Face tightening

Face tightening in Turkey is one of the ways that many individuals may resort for solving problems of facial wrinkles due to aging. Face tightening is performed by removing excess skin, tightening facial tissue and muscles that contribute in removing excess skin on the face and neck and can correct flabs in the center of the face, double chin, and aging lines, which -in turn- leads to rejuvenation of the face.

In Turkey, there are many techniques for face tightening, where the consultants at Dr.alakkad will conduct a careful examination for you, and give you advices about what can be chosen from the different face-tightening techniques, where the face-tightening procedure is done either surgically or can be dispensed with laser or by spider strings. Now, it is possible to use the revolutionary treatment which involves injection of plasma in the face, that -in turn- will remove wrinkles and regenerate facial cells, which -in turn- works to tighten the skin and give vitality to get back to your youth.

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