Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal and patient-related data that the patient provides to us, either through our websites ( or through our other electronic addresses. A privacy policy has been formulated by us to maintain the privacy of data and information that the patient shares with us, as well as to promote an exchange of confidence between the teams of Dr. Akkad and the patient.

What we can do with patient data that is shared with us:

When entering information and consulting, you agree that we and our medical team or another medical team – if the patient’s condition requires it – on our behalf to consider it a third party to retain this information. We can also use the information according to the privacy policy for the following purposes:

Conducting medical consultations between doctors and consultants and discussing them without the intervention of any other parties.
Send letters periodically or periodically to you regarding your medical condition, consultations, appointments, services, events, and other special offers after fulfilling all requirements, all legal matters related to us.
We may disclose your user information to our team of doctors in order to send you periodic communications regarding consultations, services, events, and offers on our behalf.
Fulfill the patient’s legal obligations, and apply and implement the terms and conditions mentioned in the dealings between us.
Protect the rights related to us, our property, and our safety.
We may share your data with any of our doctors, wherever he is and for any reason.

Dear patient, you can inform us of any updates or additional information that you have shared with us through our official website shown above using the advice and reservation feature or through our email registered on our website.

We are in the crew of Dr. ALAkkad updates and changes the privacy policy from time to time, so the patient or visitor must follow our privacy policy periodically. The use of our website by anyone is a clear indication of that person’s acceptance of our privacy policy. At the same time, it is considered an acknowledgment of him taking responsibility for any act or sabotage related to the site. The people who visit our site are not allowed to make any copies, quotes, or share any information except by referring to us, mentioning the name of the site and indicating that it is specialized in treatment in Turkey.

Data collection

It may be necessary to communicate with the patient to collect information related to his medical condition or to conduct an evaluation of other services or to request information related to the development of medical and treatment services in general or for any other reason. This is accepted by the patient or the user by contacting him through our communication channels shown on our website. In this case, Dr. Akkad not to use the patient’s information or data for reasons other than those previously explained and is committed to maintaining the patient’s privacy and confidentiality of the information provided to him.

Our medical team undertakes not to share patient data with any third person with the aim of sending marketing messages or communications without the explicit consent of the patient himself.

Cancellation of appointment and counseling

In all cases, the patient can, by sending a private email, withdraw his medical advice and cancel the appointment specified for him, provided that this does not result in a commitment obligation related to the patient to us or to another party. The patient can withdraw his consent to receive messages related to counseling, services and other offers by e-mail to the e-mail. In all cases, the withdrawal or cancellation letter is required to include the reason that the patient called for such a procedure in order to provide the best possible medical service.

Protect your user information:

With our full and absolute commitment to protecting your user information, we cannot guarantee the security of submitting your user information to the site. This is because the transmission of information over the Internet is not entirely guaranteed. Therefore, the transmission of any data via the Internet, including your personal information, is at your own risk and Dr. Akkad has no responsibility for that. With the need to point out that we implement security and protection standards and use the necessary applications for that in order to protect data from any unlawful interference or illegal breach.

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