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We -the medical staff of Dr.alakkad- seek with all our experiences to provide the patient, first and foremost, with the comfort and the right environment to provide the correct and safe treatment. Where, with many scientists in the field of medical tourism, it became difficult for the patient to reach the best consultants and the best places to get the appropriate health service. We also maintain communication channels with the patient after getting the treatment in Turkey to ensure that there are no complications after performing the appropriate treatment procedure. We provide all of these services through our medical staff consisting of the best doctors and consultants in Turkey. Through our other staff, we also help the patient with everything he needs for treatment in Turkey.

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If you want anything for treatment in Turkey, just contact Dr. AlAkkad without hesitation .

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iman salihi

We thank the medical staff of Dr. Alakkad for performing liposuction, and now my body is more beautiful

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Tahani yoal
Thank you, Dr.alakkad . I had a rhinoplasty and really amazing results and 5-star service . 
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