Orthopedic and joint surgery

Bone and joint surgery

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery is one of the most important medical departments that cannot be dispensed with in any hospital, as Dr. Al-Akkad seeks to provide the best medical staff specialized in this field and we are also keen to be the best in orthopedic and joint surgery.


In the department of orthopedics and joint surgery, we treat all simple and complex cases thanks to the available technologies, advanced devices, modern operating rooms and the effort of our medical teams that seek to cover all the patient’s medical needs, whatever they are, with all transparency, credibility and honesty.

The different orthopedic departments:
Hand surgery: where all operations are performed, including ligaments, joint treatment, and hand amputation treatment in newly afflicted cases.

Shoulder and elbow surgery: Muscle injuries and injuries of the shoulder and elbows joints are operated on and treated.

Joint replacement surgery: Hip joint replacement operations are performed with the latest medical technologies and under the supervision of the best doctors, where the hip joint replacement operation can be performed with traditional surgery and can also be performed using robots, and knee joint replacement operations are also performed with surgery and also the knee joint replacement operation is performed. Using the robot (robot), and knee roughness cases are also treated.

Pediatric orthopedic surgery: It treats cases of birth dislocation and cases of rickets in children and all other operations.

Foot and ankle surgery: Injuries, broken bones and ligaments are treated.

Spine surgery: Spine pain is treated by ultrasound, and pain therapy can also be used with plasma needles, as various cases of scoliosis are treated, disc surgery, vertebral replacement surgeries and other operations.

Surgery for tumors of the musculoskeletal system: some cases are treated that are associated with the presence of a specific tumor that may have its origin from the bone.

Surgical Sports Medicine: All cases of sports injuries are treated, including physical therapy.

Trauma surgery: treatment and operation of injuries that occur in an emergency and sudden manner resulting from any accident or work injury, etc.
Accurate and necessary examinations are performed for all patients, and X-rays are carried out using very modern techniques and are studied by the best doctors and consultants to conduct the treatment process correctly and accurately, and with the multiplicity of different types of orthopedic surgeries, in some cases and complex operations, the presence of an orthopedic surgeon with brain and nerve surgery and plastic surgery is also required. In cases of skull fracture, for example.


The most common operations in the orthopedic department:
Knee joint replacement.

Hip replacement.

Shoulder joint replacement.

+ Spine and disc operations.

+ Treatment of bone fractures and splinting.

+ Ligament torn shoulder operations.

+ Treatment of cancerous bone tumors.

+ Treatment of joint and cartilage pain.

+ Skull fracture operations as a result of accidents.

+ Look at the knee joint and cruciate ligament repair.

+ Amputation repair operations in case it was recent.

+ Treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

+ Treatment of cases of short stature. (Stunting)

+ Elongation of the bones in the event of an imbalance.

Other bone operations are also performed in general.

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