Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital

Location: Diyarbakir - Tigris Kent

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Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital:

After Istanbul and Antalya, Memorial Hospitals Group provides healthcare to Southeastern Anatolia Region with Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital. Diyarbakir Hospital has been done with its doctors, diagnostic and treatment units, patient care units, hotel management services and hotel architecture to provide service not only in Diyarbakir but also for the entire region.

Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital provides service with 350 medical and administrative personnel, 14,000 square meters covered area and 140 beds. There are 15 beds for general and born intensive care units each, 5 beds for CVS intensive care unit, 3 beds for coronary intensive care unit and 6 beds for operating rooms. There are ward rooms and rooms for handicapped patients as well as patient rooms designed according to any patient’s needs with modern medical engineering.

By being close to the airport and its hub, Memorial Diyarbakir is strategically located in Degla Kent. Thus its location is not only for the people of Diyarbakir but also for the neighboring provinces such as; Batman, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman, Elazig, Bingol, Moss, Bitlis and also for patients from abroad.

Southeast Reference Center

There are many departments in the hospital that serve as a reference center for Turkey and the world.

Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital, which helps restore the health of hundreds of thousands of indigenous and foreign residents, is the reference center for cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, urology, women’s health and hematology in Diyarbakir.

Memorial Hospital Degla Kent:

Memorial Healthcare Group started providing healthcare service with world class standards also with its second address in Diyarbakir, Memorial Degla Hospital.

After the Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital, the second Memorial Hospital in the city, Memorial Hospital Tigris, has been designed not only to serve Diyarbakir, but also for the entire region with its academic staff made up of specialist doctors who have experience in their fields, modern diagnostic and treatment units, technological equipment, and architecture Appropriate for patient comfort.


* Everything for patient comfort:

The Tigris Memorial Hospital, which was established on a closed area of ​​21 thousand square meters, works with the medical and administrative staff of 250 people. The hospital has a capacity of 138 beds, 9 surgical rooms, 26 neonatal beds in ICU, 23 general beds in ICU, 12 beds in Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular surgery, and 5 beds in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit , Total 66 ICU beds. Memorial Hospital Degla has advanced medical engineering, with its outdoor areas, patient rooms, comfortable suit rooms, children’s playgrounds, and departments specifically designed for the needs of patients with disabilities. *


* Medical through Memorial Hospital branches:

The operating rooms, IVF Center, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit, Radiology, and Intensive Care Units at Memorial Degla Hospital feature advanced medical technology. Also in the angiography and radiology departments of our hospital, serving with 4-dimensional ultrasound machines in the IVF department, to go into service soon with obstetrics and gynecology, the latest imaging technology devices are used. Via PACS (Hospital Without Film Feature), imaging and laboratory results are shared between Memorial Healthcare Group sites, to form medical synergies. When necessary, the test and examination results of patients in Diyarbakir are evaluated in a virtual environment at Memorial Tigris Hospital and in other group hospitals in other cities, and the most accurate methods of diagnosis and treatment are determined.

Memorial Healthcare Group, which provides the much needed oncology center service in the region, together with Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital, is preparing to bring the IVF unit, a global reference center, to the Southeastern Anatolia region. After the Ministry of Health approvals, operations will resume to provide liver, kidney and bone transplant departments for service in the region soon.

Central location

The Tigris Memorial Hospital, which is located on the road to Urfa, is strategically located, very easy to reach for patients from the surrounding cities and from outside, in terms of its central location.

* SSI agreement in all disciplines

As in the case of Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir, Memorial Hospital of Tigris is also contracted with all specialties; It serves the SSI, the retirement fund, the pension fund for the self-employed, and government officials. In addition, insurance, bank and institutional agreements are available for patients who have private health insurance.

Oncology Center
Tumor Surgery Center
Oral and dental diseases
Orthopedic and fracture surgery
Ear, nose and throat disorders
Emergency services
Eye Center
Heart disease
Cardiovascular surgery
Cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit
Chest diseases / thoracic surgery
And other medical departments

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