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Lokman Hekim Hospitals started providing health services with the establishment of Engürüsağ A.Ş. In 1996, and today, it continues with 5 hospitals equipped with the latest technology facilities, 1 medical center and 1 diagnostic center.

Our Diagnostic Center is located in Erbil with 4 hospitals in Ankara and 2 in Van; Considering indicators such as physical space, number of patients and staff, it is one of the leading and important healthcare providers in Turkey.

Luqman Hakim Hospitals crowns professional and qualified health services they provide with unconditional satisfaction to patients, has always made itself a motto for improving service quality.

Lokman Hospital respects the values ​​of society and is loyal to medical ethics, in its people-oriented healthcare approach; It means having perfection and being able to be on top.

Luqman Hakim Hospital, aiming at the absolute follow-up of scientific developments, the pioneer in the use of modern technology, and this means high-quality health service, safe, compassionate and economical as well as through the exploitation of modern, clean and spacious spaces. With the realization that patient satisfaction is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, our hospitals follow an effective policy

Always for human resources; It aims to work with friendly and respectful employees who love their work, respect patient rights, and adhere to a code of medical ethics.

In addition to the health services they provide, Lokman Hekim Hospitals has always shown the importance they attach to public health and environmental health through their social responsibility projects.

Our hospitals, which are getting stronger with the satisfaction of their patients, continue to operate in line with their vision. As a Hakim Luqman family, I greet all our people with the most beautiful feelings, respect and love.

Head of Doctors Department at Luqman Hakim Hospital

Consultant Doctor:

Dr. Mustafa SARIOĞLU

Plastic surgery .
Department of Internal Medicine.
Department of Thoracic Diseases.
Department of Pediatrics.
A comprehensive medical examination.
General Surgery .
Urinary Tract .
eyes illnesses .
Obesity and obesity treatment.
Gastroscopy and colonoscopy.
Ear, nose and throat.
Cardiovascular wound.
Bone and joint surgery.
Eye surgery .
Other medical departments.

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