Location: Asian Istanbul - Umraniye

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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, based in Istanbul, is considered one of the largest and most comprehensive private hospitals in the country, providing diagnostic and treatment services of the highest quality in a comfortable, safe and patient-oriented environment and by employing the latest and best medical technologies.

The hospital was established on a closed area of ​​35,000 square meters where the hospital provides services in Umraniye, Istanbul. Which is only 20 minutes away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, it is also 5 minutes away from the Bosphorus and at the crossroads between Asia and Europe. The hospital aims to provide patient satisfaction at the highest levels with its diagnostic and treatment units through the use of advanced medical technology. The hospital has a capacity of 170 patient beds and 7 operating rooms, where all types of specialized surgeries, including cardiovascular surgery, can be performed in addition to a total of 36 intensive care beds that provide the possibility of specialized care for each patient in a single room.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital provides a difference in the Turkish medical sector through the services it provides, as it provides the fastest types of services to patients in the shortest time, with a heliport available to transport local and foreign patients.

The hospital provides all kinds of medical care services that may be required at every stage of life through a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Where treatment is provided to patients by specialized doctors with experience in specialized fields, with access to training and education in important medical centers in the world. The specialized academic staff at Hisar Intercontinental Hospital also provides the use of reliable diagnostic and treatment techniques based on objective data, which are obtained through scientific studies.

We take pride in obtaining the trust and friendship of patients over the years with the modern infrastructure of the hospital and the constantly renewed medical technology along with the concepts of services that prioritize comfort and quality without compromising ethical principles while providing services by the friendly staff at all times. We are also continuing to add new services to the existing ones in order to be worthy of this friendship and trust.

You will be greeted by your designated health care professional with whom you previously arranged the first steps in your individual program by healthcare personnel where communication and communication with you are provided through the language and culture you share. Then you will notice a real difference at the beginning. Where we put technological technologies in your hands and you will be in control. Whereas, whether you are in your room, enjoying a meal in the restaurant, or taking a break in the fresh air, you will always be in uninterrupted communication with the care professional and medical staff as all types of concierge services are close to you and all you have to do is press the required button .

Plastic surgery .
Department of Internal Medicine.
Department of Thoracic Diseases.
Department of Pediatrics.
A comprehensive medical examination.
General Surgery .
Urinary Tract .
eyes illnesses .
Obesity and obesity treatment.
Gastroscopy and colonoscopy.
Ear, nose and throat.
Cardiovascular wound.
Nuclear Medicine Center.
Bone marrow transplant.
skin diseases .
Endocrine diseases.
And many other specialties.


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