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Location: Bursa

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Hayat Hospital, which started in service in the city center of Bursa in the year 1978 and moved to its new service building in its forty-year-old, is a modern health center that provides durable, safe and high-level services in all branches with the support of expert staff and advanced technology.

Hayat Hospital in Bursa, which combines advanced medical technology with a wide and experienced work team and the principle of “superior service” that all employees sincerely adopt, and which quickly adopts standards in the medical sector today, has obtained the title of ISO 9001 Quality Certification and BABY-FRIENDLY HOSPITAL in Market. It is among the private health institutions.

Hayat Hospital, which started working in its new location on an area of ​​20,000 square meters, has 480 employees, a capacity of 100 beds, intensive care units for adults and newborns, 7 operating rooms, 4 modern delivery rooms, biochemistry, microbiology laboratories, and a cosmetic unit. Medical, Radiology Unit, 7/24 children. The outpatient clinic provides 24-hour emergency and ambulance services. In our hospital with 23 branches and 56 interdisciplinary rooms, examinations such as bone density measurement, endoscopy, colonoscopy, EEG, EMG, digital radiography, digital x-rays, ultrasound, 3D color Doppler, GE 1.5 Tesla are performed. MR, computed tomography (with coronary angiography feature).

Intensive care unit for adults with a capacity of 12 beds

Neonatal intensive care with 11 incubators,

4 suites, 4 VIP rooms

4 bedroom clinic

Delivery room, birth floor

A children’s clinic with children’s playgrounds

Integrated Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Unit

A 120-seat conference room with modern infrastructure and technical equipment for conferences, seminars and training courses,

Pneumatic tube system enables automatic transfer of inspection tubes between layers,

Modern central sterilization unit.

Open and closed car park for 200 vehicles

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department .
Department of children and newborns.
Thoracic department.
Department of Internal Medicine .
Department of General Surgery.
Department of Urology.
Department of Ophthalmology .
And other medical departments.

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