The latest hair transplant techniques in turkey

There have been many hair transplantion centers in Turkey in recent times, and there are many different methods and techniques used in hair transplantation. Most of the people who want to undergo hair transplant complain about not reaching the place that guarantees them confidence and safety in performing such operations. We -Dr.alakkad as an integrated medical team- strive to be the best in providing the best results for patients and in choosing the best doctors and hospitals licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and that is our endeavor to preserve the right of the patient and provide distinct results and service to all patients in various parts of the world. Our medical team also seeks to provide advices to all patients regarding the success of the operation and the number of follicles that will be implanted, and provide comprehensive services and packages in all transparency and credibility. Our medical team also pledges to ensure the hair transplant and follow-up of the patient’s condition over a year.


There are many techniques used in the hair transplantion procedure in Turkey, as follows:

Hair transplantation through picking out (FUE)

This technique is based on picking out the follicles one by one from the donor area. This technique is characterized by not leaving scars, large wounds, or any visible signs in the scalp, particularly in the donor area. This technique is carried out in three stages. Where in the first stage the follicles are taken from the donor area and kept in appropriate and suitable environmental conditions, then in the second stage, channels in the alopecia zone will be opened to implant those follicles. Noting that, the opening of the channels is performed according to specific angles is compatible with the direction of hair growth. In the last stage, the extracted follicles in the first stage are taken and implanted in the bald area in which the channels were opened. In all cases, the transplant is performed in view of the nature of the hair and the direction of its growth.

Choi Pens Technnique (DHI):

This technique is based on the use of a pen-like tool in hair implantation. At the edge of the pen, there is a needle that does not exceed 1 mm in diameter and sometimes needles are used with a smaller diameter depending on the nature of the hair and according to the area where the implant will be done as well. In this technique, transplantation is performed through two phases. In the first phase, the hair is taken from the donor area, and in the second one, the follicles taken from the donor area are put in the heads of Choi pens and then the doctor implants them in the bald area. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. We use more than one CHOI pen in this procedure, to save time and effort. What distinguishes this method of transplantation is accuracy and speed (i.e., it is carried out in less time compared to the method of picking out).

Hair transplantation by SAFIR technique:

The SAFIR technique was named according to the type of stone used to open channels during  implanting the hair. The material of this stone does not cause any harm to the scalp and this feature is added to the other features of this technique, which we will mention during the explanation.

Previously, the procedure of opening hair channels was done by a micrometer equipped with a metal head. As for the SAFIR technique, SAFIR Stone replaced the metal head used in the device. Consequently, the new technique acquired the name of SAFIR techniqe. SAFIR technique is an evolution of the type of metal head that was used in picking out technique.

The fine head, made of SAFIR stone, used to open channels, cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because of its very small size, it helps to quickly recover and restore the area in which the implantation is performed.

The channels are opened in small diameters, which helps to implant more follicles in the bald area. Therefore, the SAFIR technique is suitable and appropriate for those who need to implant a higher  number of follicles in the region where the implant will be performed. By this technique, it is possible to implant up to 7000 thousands of follicles in the bald area.

Frequently asked questions related to hair transplantation in Turkey

Who can perform hair transplantation in Turkey?

Both males and females can perform hair transplantation.

Does hair transplantation require a specific age?

Hair transplantation can be performed for anyone aged 18 to 60

How long does hair transplantation take place in Turkey?

The duration depends on the number of follicles to be implanted, but in general, the procedure takes approximately 6-8 hours.

When does hair growth begin?

New hair begins to appear at the end of the fifth month of the procedure. But the final results begin to be complete after a year of the procedure.

Is it recommended to use plasma injection after hair transplantation in Turkey?

Certainly, plasma injections have an effective role and a revolutionary treatment for reducing hair loss and strengthening hair follicles, as they contribute greatly to the success of the hair transplant procedure, prevent hair loss, and help in strengthening hair follicles.

Can heart patients, blood pressure and diabetes perform hair transplantation?

They can do the operation, but after doing some analysis by us.

How much does hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey varies according to several factors, including the technique used, the number of follicles needed for transplantation, and other factors. To determine the cost, please contact us

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