Cochlear implants:

Our medical staff at the Department of Hearing Diseases diagnoses and treats hearing-related and its branching-related diseases.

The ear, with all its components, is the organ of hearing. Maintaining the health of the ear, ensuring its safety and protection from all diseases and influences that may harm it, is considered the first and primary function of our medical staff in this department. The Department of Hearing occupies its place in our hospital within the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat. There is a medical cadre consisting of specialists who have the ability to deal with all the various cases related to hearing works in this department, using in their work, the latest medical means and modern electronic devices.

In this department, Doctors deal with many diseases, such as, hearing loss, nerve hearing loss, inner ear infections, middle ear infections, infections in the inner bone of the ear, and other diseases related to the auditory system, in addition to cochlear implants.

Cochlear implant operation

Cochlear implants is performed through implanting of an electronic device used to partially improve hearing in people with severe hearing loss.

Cochlear implantation depends on three things: an audio signal processor, a receiver, and a cochlea implanted in the ear. Where the processor behind the ear receives the sounds in the form of signals and sends them to the receiver implanted under the skin, and then the receiver transmits those signals to the cochlear implant in the inner ear. The auditory nerve stimulates these signals and sends them to the brain, which in turn translates them into sounds..

 In the cochlear implant operation, the following notes should be known:

This procedure is performed for people with severe hearing loss after making sure that the earphones cannot be a solution to the problem.

-In all cases, the cochlear implant cannot give the same function as the normal ear. The cochlear implant improves hearing, thus, the patient with acute hearing can understand the people and things around him, and achieve the desired communication with them.

– The cochlear implant procedure has some risks, so, prior to undergo the cochlear implant operation, you must search for a suitable doctor with extensive experience in this field, and speak with him face to face about all the details of the operation.

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