Department of ear, nose, and throat

Ear, Nose and Throat Department

In our hospital, diseases of the ENT department are diagnosed by specialist consultants in this field. In addition, there is an effective surgical treatment in the department of ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery, in addition to facial plastic surgery, the auditory system, treatment of balance disorder, examination of the digestive and air systems through endoscopy, allergic diseases, sinus treatment, and voice disorder. .

Nose surgery:
Sinus operations:

Sinus operations are performed because they do not require a deep surgical intervention, such as cutting the flesh or removing the bones under local anesthesia only or general anesthesia when necessary.

During the operation, the specialist doctor inserts a lighted endoscope into the sinus cavity to control the field of view during the operation. The sinuses are cleaned and all bony appendages are withdrawn through the endoscope.

Adenoid processes:

Adenoids may cause major problems for some people, such as shortness of breath and snoring. Adenoid surgeries are performed through laparoscopy, and it is a very simple process in which the patient does not need either one day to stay in the hospital after the operation. And some analyzes and special x-rays are done to start the process. Adenoid surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia.

Consultants monitor the patient’s condition after leaving the operating room. The patient is also hospitalized in a special room in which the patient is subjected to the full care and attention of the nursing staff until his discharge. Then the private doctor writes down all the necessary treatments for the patient to return to his health and recover as soon as possible.

Nasal septal correction (rhinoplasty)

The process of adjusting the nasal septum is one of the very important operations for patients who suffer from shortness of breath, may suffer from snoring, or the shape of the nose is deformed from the outside. It is a very simple process in which the nasal septum is modified or cartilage is added to modify the shape of the nose and open the airway.

The operation takes one to two hours, depending on the patient’s condition, and is performed under local anesthesia. Knowing that your case is discussed with the specialist consultant before you undergo the operation to determine the shape of the nose required to appear in harmony with the entire face.


Tonsillectomy is performed for adults and children over the age of twelve. This is done after conducting several tests, as in most cases where the tonsils are removed, the rate of tonsillitis per year is more than 3-4 times. In this case, tonsillitis becomes chronic, so it is necessary to perform a tonsillectomy in this case, and it is done under complete anesthesia, and the operation may take one hour.

All ear operations are also performed, such as: tympanoplasty, cochlear implantation, middle ear surgery, ear plastic surgery, and micro-ear operations.

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