Chest’s diseases

Chest’s diseases
Chest diseases are considered one of the worst diseases that affect the body, which requires diagnosing the patient’s condition with a specialized doctor to give the necessary treatment before the disease causes other complications that affect the rest of the organs. These diseases are diagnosed by a specialist doctor in the Department of Chest Diseases.

Pulmonary diseases should be treated by specialized staff in a department equipped with the latest medical equipment. One of the most important features of our staff is the efficiency and the use of modern technological means in diagnosis and examination.

Diseases treated in the Department of Pulmonary Diseases: Chronic bronchial diseases, emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer, pulmonary embolism, asthma, dry cough and other lung diseases. The majority of these diseases are caused by lung or bronchial infections and allergies.

All this is done through detection and inspection, as well as laboratory tests and skin tests to determine the cause of the disease and give appropriate and effective treatment by the specialist doctor.

Benefits of using modern technology in diagnosing chest diseases:
Using modern technology, the specialist doctor is able to perform the necessary examinations of the respiratory system, such as the work of a bronchoscope (see the Endoscopic Interventions section) and a computed tomography of the respiratory organs. As well as using modern technology, breathing functions are tested accurately and effectively. Thus, the specialist doctor can determine the exact condition of the patient and give him the appropriate treatment.

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