Avrasya Hospital

Location: Istanbul - Gaziosmanpasa

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The third branch of Avrasya  Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital was opened, which started from Çamlık Hospital in 1992 and continued with Zeytinburnu Avrasya Hospital in 1999, Avrasya Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital was opened to serve you Now we are continuing our journey by increasing growth with Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa  , which opened its doors in July 18, 2016. Avrasya Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, which has 10 operating rooms, 80 medical complexes and a capacity of 250 beds.

In a closed area of ​​30,500 square meters, it has an open and closed car park for a total of 300 vehicles, surrounded by a green area, one kilometer from the second ring road, and transportation facilities are very diverse and easy, we offer to serve our local and international patients.

On our way we set off under the slogan “Nothing is as important as people and health”; With all of our medical staff, who consider every patient a valuable member of this country and use their knowledge and skills in the most accurate way to diagnose, diagnose and treat, we continue our way with large lobby areas, waiting rooms and patient rooms in comfort and hotel equipments and our principle is to respond to the needs of more patients day after day.

In our radiology unit; Virtual Cardiac Angiography in 30 seconds, modern devices such as 1.5 semi-open TESLA MR, digital x-rays, mammography and 4D USG that do not cause fear (claustrophobia) are available. With all kinds of surgical interventions and infrastructures suitable for surgery in our hospital; Diagnostic and investigative interventions such as bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and duodenoscopy are performed.

With the specialists, consultants and elite of doctors, we feel proud and high experience to host you at Eurasia Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital.

The most important medical specialties in the hospital:
Plastic surgery .
Department of Internal Medicine.
Department of Thoracic Diseases.
Department of Pediatrics.
A comprehensive medical examination.
General Surgery .
Urinary Tract .
eyes illnesses .
Obesity and obesity treatment.
Gastroscopy and colonoscopy.
Ear, nose and throat.
And other medical specialties.

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