Internal Medicine

Internal diseases

The Department of Internal Medicine is fully equipped in terms of specialized cadres and medical equipment’s that are kept up to date. All this, in order to provide the patient with treatment around the clock to ensure the patient’s comfort and access to distinguished medical service.

In the internal medicine department, many diseases are diagnosed and treated, including: diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, heart, lungs, immune system diseases, and many other related diseases. In addition to diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, the department provides the following services: comprehensive medical examination, medical consultation services, dealing with various emergency situations.

The Department of Internal Medicine of our hospital is equipped with the latest technical devices; where all the examinations, investigations, and different diagnoses are carried out with high efficiency and distinguished service (the efficiency of our medical staff is the most important thing that distinguishes us in providing our services to the patient)

Also, the internal medicine department in our hospital works in coordination and cooperation with other departments, such as, laboratory department, cardiovascular department, surgery department and many other departments.

Dear patient, the work unit that combines our different departments guarantees you the satisfactory results at the lowest costs.

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