Eye diseases and refractive errors correction

Eye diseases and refractive errors correction:

The eye is an important part in the body as it provides the person with a vision of the outside world, and helps for his integration into society and his interaction with it. Eye diseases have always been a special concern in the field of medicine, not only for the patient, but also for doctors. For all of this, the patient with an eye problem seeks to reach the best hospitals, the best eye doctors and consultants.

In our hospital, all eye diseases are treated and all refractive errors are corrected, and we have a department specializing in performing various eye operations as well. All under the supervision of the best consultants in Turkey. Dr.alakkad’s medical team strives to be the best in achieving the optimum treatment for the patient at the lowest possible costs, since the eye is considered a very sensitive part in the body.

Examples of ophthalmic operations that can be performed in Turkey include the femto-lasik and the femto-smile procedures, cataract, glucoma operations, keratoconus operations, strabismus, eyelid blockage, lacrimal duct obstruction, corneal transplantation, retinal diseases, corneal rings and tatto implantation, and many other operations.

Femto-lasik procedure for refractive error correction (vision correction in Turkey):

Many people who use glasses often want to get rid of them. All become possible and in a very short time, now, thanks to the advanced techniques in the treatment of eye diseases.

The procedure of Femto-lasik is one of the easy operations that can be performed in a short time and without any danger to the eye. In the old days, such operations were performed with a scalpel, where, the cornea was removed by it, but now, thanks to modern techniques, the removal is performed by laser and without any pain.

The femto-lasik procedure has several advantages, including ease of anesthesia, where an anesthetic eye drops are used to anesthetize the eye during the operation, the very short time to perform it (ten minutes), the operation can be performed for both eyes at the same time, there are no complications for the operation. The patient who undergoed the femto-lasik procedure can return to his life one day after the operation. Another advantage of this procedure is that its results are guaranteed, as myopia does not reoccur to the patient after the operation.

Notes related to the procedure of Femto-lasik:

  • Femto-lasik can be performed for people between the ages of 18 to 60 years, as the cornea is completely formed at the age of eighteen.
  • • Four or five hours after the procedure of femto-lasik, the cornea returns to normal, and the patient can see naturally in different lighting conditions, as well as in sunlight.
  • • Patients who have undergoed the femto-lasik procedure are not allowed to rub their eyes, or swim for two weeks from the date of the procedure. Except that, they can use water, wash both sides, watch TV and do the whole activities they want from the day of the operation. Women can use cosmetics from the next day after the operation, provided that, these products do not touch the cornea.
  • Femto-lasik is suitable for treating people with myopia or hypermetropia from six to seven degrees. In some cases, myopia, which exceeds seven degrees, can be treated, provided that the corneal thickness is appropriate.
  • • People who suffer from a high deviation in the vision at seven degrees can not be treated by Femto-lasik. And these people undergo a procedure called Femto-second.

In the procedure of Femto-smile, a piece of the cornea is removed in the form of a lens. It is performed to the patient with high deviation and has a cornea with small thickness.

Important note: In all cases, the consulting staff of Dr.alakkad doesn’t perform any of the operations of the eye, except after performing an appropriate medical examination and talking with the patient.

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