Nutrition and diet

Nutrition and Diet:

The healthy and proper nutrition is closely related to the functions of the human body, and at the same time, it is considered one of the most important ways to protect it from diseases. In addition to this, nutrition and a healthy diet are an essential step in the treatment of the diseased body, and they also play an important role in maintaining a balance of body functions and supporting its performance.

Malnutrition is one of the main causes of the emergence of many diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, and others, as the treatment of many of these diseases is linked to following a healthy and balanced diet.

Among the cases dealt with by our medical staff, are cases of weight reduction (obesity), weight gain cases (thinness), follow-up to the growth and development of children, and liposuction associated with obesity, where many people resort to liposuction in Turkey as one of the most important plastic surgeries in Turkey, where a lot of people wish to get a consistent body built, as the fat is accumulated in specific areas, and with several attempts to get rid of it, Many fail, due to the presence of stubborn fat that can not be disposed of except through liposuction operations. Here, our medical team works to calculate the body mass, and the amount of fat with specification of their areas of accumulation to perform liposuction operations under the supervision of consultants with high experience in that field.

Fats in the abdomen, waist, buttocks, and chest are considered as difficult fats that need liposuction procedure, whereby liposuction is performed through the Pfizer device, as the Pfizer device fractures, breaks, and sucks fat through a small opening that is done within the skin under general anesthesia.

Gastric sleeve operations in Turkey are among the methods used to treat over-weight and obesity, as they have a significant role in reduction of weight and getting rid of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and heart disease.


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