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One of the most important goals for arrivals to Turkey is the treatment and medical tourism in Turkey. Turkey ranks fifth globally after America, Germany, Thailand and India in attracting foreign patients. Because of the importance of this field, the medical tourism unit in Turkey’s Ministry of Health was inaugurated on March 31, 2010. According to the official statistics of the Department of Medical Tourism in Turkey, the number of arrivals to Turkey for the purpose of treatment in 2018 alone reached more than half a million person, with an increase rate of approximately 27% compared to the year 2017.

The reasons that make Turkey an important destination for medical tourism for the patient vary, they include tremendous medical and technological development in the methods of diseases diagnosis and treatment. There are high-quality medical devices that help doctors and consultants to diagnose and treat diseases through the most recent methods. As well as the efficiency of doctors and consultants working in the medical field. Add to all, the high level of service quality that hospitals seek in cooperation with all health and tourism facilities. Also, the low costs – compared to other countries in the world – is one of the main reasons why patients are most likely to get treated in Turkey. The patient who comes to Turkey for treatment can get a successful treatment with an excellent service level and the most appropriate prices.

We -the medical staff of Dr.alakkad- seek with all our experiences to provide the patient, first and foremost, with the comfort and the right environment to provide the correct and safe treatment. Where, with many scientists in the field of medical tourism, it became difficult for the patient to reach the best consultants and the best places to get the appropriate health service. We also maintain communication channels with the patient after getting the treatment in Turkey to ensure that there are no complications after performing the appropriate treatment procedure. We provide all of these services through our medical staff consisting of the best doctors and consultants in Turkey. Through our other staff, we also help the patient with everything he needs for treatment in Turkey.

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ibtissam meftah

أولا أود أن أشكركم جزيل الشكر على الخدمات القيمة التي تقدمونها وعلى مجهوداتكم العظيمة والجميل في الأمر أن الرد منكم يصل بسرعة لم أنتظر أبدا عكس البعض الذي لا يجيب أبدا وأخيرا أتمنى لكم التوفيق في مسيرتك المهنية ومزيدا من التألق

سليمان معتوق

الدكتور احمد العقاد مهنية عالية متابعة دقيقة مع المرضى...أسعار مرضية مقارنة بالمستشفيات الأخرى...بالتوفيق دكتور أحمد تستحق 5نجوم


بصراحة كنت متوقع عدم الرد والتجاهل والاستجابة الاستشارة الطيبة المهم قلت رسالة وخلاص واذا بها اتفاجا باسرع وقمة التواضع والاحترام اللهم زد وبارك لهم بقدر ما تحب ان تحمد اللهم أنهم وهبو انفسهم لخدمة عبيدك فكن لهم عوض يالله وشكري للجميع


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