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Radiology Department

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The Department of Radiology, based on the requests of wise men from other departments for 24 hours continuously.

Radiography is of great importance in the identification and early diagnosis of many diseases in advanced medicine. The Radiation Unit is equipped with the best technological equipment for the importance of this work. Existing equipment includes ultrasound imaging, color doppler imaging, tomography, mammography, and traditional X-ray devices.

What is going on?

The Color Doppler device in the Radiation Unit is considered to be one of the best devices with high characteristics and characteristics and the classification of the device.

Through the imaging of the color Doppler, the diagnosis of diseases in the veins and arteries is studied and diagnosed. An assessment is made of urgent cases

For example, the use of Doppler imaging to evaluate pregnancy, delayed fetal development, scrotum, and penis doppler to assess infertility, impotence, and testicular inflammation, tumor sprains.

A detailed evaluation of abdominal tumors and soft tissue is also carried out.

By ultrasound scans, the abdomen, pregnancy, neck, breast, testicle, thyroid, soft tissue, hip, skull, children, shoulders, and other organs can be easily examined.

Laboratory diagnosis and analysis of lumps of veins in some organs can be performed with the help of ultrasound equipment.

The tomography equipment used in the radiation unit is faster in imaging compared to other imaging devices. By means of thin tapes or cassettes, images and images are obtained more clearly.

The most important feature of CT is the ability to block 3D images with it. This helps the doctor avoid the lesion or disease well and this helps in and facilitates the operation. In addition to ultrasound imaging work can also be performed laboratory analysis of suspected tumor clusters.

By mammography the breast condition is checked. Based on the information obtained from these images, early breast cancer detection and treatment can be diagnosed and treated.

Even women who do not have any complaints are advised to do mammography and breast examinations. The process of imaging and verification of waves is recommended to be repeated every two years and after menopause is recommended to work every year.

In addition, all contrasting and non-contradictory tests and investigations can be performed by traditional X-ray machines when needed.

The Radiology Unit has the following sections:

* Radiology
* Ultrasound imaging
* Color Doppler imaging
* Imaging and examination of bone density

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