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Is the consultation through the site free?

The patient is one of our first concerns
When filling out the medical report form, it will be presented to the specialist doctor. The patient must be present in person. There is no consultation fee. It may require consultation fees, while the patient is treated by the specialist after reviewing all the necessary analyzes and giving the necessary treatment to the patient.

Who will receive us, where I live, how to move, where to go in Turkey !!?

Do not worry about it!
We will coordinate and receive you from the airport

We will provide you with hotel reservations at the lowest prices, will be accompanied by your medical needs, and provide you with a guide when you like.

Are all medical departments available?

Yes, we have all the medical departments listed on the site.

We also have medical beauty services, cosmetic surgery, and hair transplantation with the best of the latest technology in most doctors in Turkey.

How can I contact a specialist?

When sending your medical consultation through the website, we will translate the consultation into Turkish and submit it to the specialist. We will respond to your consultation. We also provide you with an interpreter while you are in the hospital.

In case of emergency! what should I do ?

In the event of an emergency, you can contact us directly at any time and you will be processed in minutes. All of our doctors are always ready and present all over Turkey.

Is the cost of treatment in Turkey expensive?

Turkey is the second country after the United States with its hospitals and clinics accredited by the Joint International Committee, which provides highly successful treatment techniques for all patients. These effective and safe treatments attract thousands of patients from all over the world.

Dr. Alakkad and his medical staff are here in search of the best hospitals and the best doctors in Turkey to facilitate the treatment procedures with the best quality and cost less, putting God in mind to provide the necessary medical service for each patient.

How long have you need for treatment ?

After submitting your medical consultation and evaluating it, you will be able to communicate with you and determine the length of time required for treatment.
It varies depending on the patient’s condition and what treatment is required and will complete all procedures to start treatment as soon as God wishes.

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