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Orthopedics and injuries

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the neck
The neck area connects the head and the body and contains 11 paragraphs

the shoulder
Elbow (tennis elbow)
The elbow joint is in the shape of the door joint and consists of the fusion of the arm bone and the forearm.

It is known that eighty people out of a hundred suffer from pain at least once in his lifetime.

The hip joint is a movable, holman-shaped joint that connects the thigh to the body.

Hand and wrist
The hand is made up of the bones of the comb and fingers. This position of the body is very complex.

Complaints about knee joints are among the most common reasons for a patient’s orthopedic examination.

Foot and ankle
The ankle area consists of bones called the glans, the slit and the ankle.

Bone fracture

Knee industrial

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is a formative and rehabilitation surgery. As it is understood from this specificity, the reform of all congenital physical distortions that occurred later in this domain applies.

The plastic and reconstructive surgery unit continues its research through modern and technical equipment and its follow-up to the new and modern in the world.

The main areas of plastic surgery
Burn operations and their results are at the forefront of most plastic surgery operations. The treatment of burns and burns caused by burns constitutes 25% of plastic surgery performed in our country. Injury-related emergency operations are an important part of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery other than cosmetic repairs.

The installation of hand and fingers cut into place in emergency hand injuries, and treatment of nerve and tendon injuries are the most operational surgeries in this framework.

Basic problems in plastic surgery are solved

Head and neck tumors
Salivary gland tumors, sinuses, upper jaw, lower jaw and all malignant and benign skin tumors are treated across operations.

Congenital malformations
We often face the condition of the cleft lip called the lip of the rabbit, the condition of the cleft palate which is a condition of deformity deeper than the first and ear abnormalities. We face genital mutilation, which is too shy to admit.

Facial surgery
There can be congenital deformities in the face. Facial deformities and contour abnormalities can also be the result of accidents. These abnormalities are treated and repaired through plastic surgery.

Create members that a person loses

Some congenital or missing members may be created as a result of a new illness or accident within the scope of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Ear implants are performed for an unborn child, the chest is established for those who have lost a chest as a result of cancer, and the nasal canal has been established for patients who have lost or have successfully removed their noses and other similar cases.

Plastic surgery
The advances in medicine offer very effective surgical capabilities, as in the treatment of many diseases.

Independent tissue can be cultured using microscopy. Independent tissue is implanted in the abnormalities caused by wounds that do not heal or are cancer-induced by microscopic methods and are treated as such.

One of the most common areas of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty is performed, eye and abdomen ridges are removed, and excess fat is suctioned in this range.

Liposuction and laser facial rejuvenation are also performed within this unit.

Plastic surgery, which has very wide areas, is concerned with all surfaces of the face and body, from the head hair to the male nail.

History of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can be used to create a new identity by changing the face when necessary today.

Plastic surgery is an important place in the life of the community in the area of ​​repairing the damaged member or repairing the shape for cosmetic reasons.

People think that plastic surgery is a new field of medicine given the applications that are done with cosmetic goals. However, plastic surgery is known from time immemorial and has been in use for hundreds of years.

There is a 5,000-year history of plastic surgery.

It is known that the first plastic operations were carried out in India in the date of about 3000 BC. There are multiple sources proving that there have been attempts to sew broken limbs and repair broken bones thousands of years ago.

Plastic surgery, which has an ancient past, remained in other surgical fields as a catalyst until the 20th century. It has shown rapid development with economic and technical developments. It has acquired new dimensions in order to eradicate the pain and grief of persons who have lost their organs in the labor accidents that have prevailed in industrialized societies.

Plastic surgery has taken its own independent place in medicine after the 1940s around the world and has evolved with every new day. All the plastic surgery capabilities that our areas of use are extended to our community are offered in the plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery unit

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