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Nutrition and Diet

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At present, healthy and correct nutrition is one of the golden rules for healthy life, growth and development, disease prevention and disease treatment. Our unit provides nutritional and dieting services to people according to this approach. The nutrition and nutrition unit is in the framework of a program aimed at creating a proper food awareness in the community. To that end, the nutrition unit is not limited to patient reviews but is interested in expanding into a wider environment. In addition to direct contact with relatives of patients in order to develop, promote and disseminate food awareness, awareness is made in other ways such as posters, data, newsletters and conferences.

Correct nutrition

The concept of proper nutrition means that the individual has the necessary food for his daily activities in a balanced manner.

Unfortunately today, no proper nutrition is available and perhaps the pressure of the pace of work has a bearing on it. This concept is generally confused with ‘eating too much’. Understanding this way increases all the problems related to nutrition. That ‘eating too much’ in a healthy way can result in serious consequences no less than ‘malnutrition’.

With proper nutrition awareness, the health problems resulting from the mistakes are eliminated. Obesity is at the top of health problems caused by erroneous feeding.

Nowadays, forms of nutrition play a role in obesity. In this respect, fast-food, usually full of the abdomen (on the stand) appear among the factors leading to it.

In order to talk about healthy nutrition, our body needs to get its protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in a balanced way. It is obtained from the foods eaten daily.

The actions that food goes through to become food are also important in terms of proper nutrition. The first step in a proper nutrition program is to buy food.

The nutrition chain consists of rings such as selecting, buying, storing, cooking and eating food.

But it should not be forgotten that the nutrition approach varies according to the general health status of the person, age, sex, and nature of his work.

Personal Nutrition Programs
It is important to determine the nutritional values ​​that should be taken daily by the person for proper nutrition.

In the Healthy Nutrition and Dieting Unit at our center proper nutrition is supported by the development of personal nutrition programs.

In addition, personal programs are prepared in the field of diet. The diet program is based on scientific data.

The Nutrition and Dietary Services Unit also prepares diet programs according to patient status in cases such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, lung and kidney diseases, cancer, child nutrition and pregnancy, which were diagnosed by doctors in its diet and which require treatment of the diet.

Follow-up growth and development

Undoubtedly, proper nutrition is of great importance to young people in the development stage. The follow-up of the growth and development of children in order to grow healthy must be in cooperation with a health specialist and pediatric diseases with a nutritionist. The problems associated with nutrition are carefully investigated and special programs developed.

Slimming program

Nowadays, obesity is a major health problem. In our unit, programs are designed to reduce obesity, which is often caused by nutritional problems. The most important issue that should be taken into account in the program of slimming is not only defamation but must be ‘permanent slimming’. This can only be found in scientific data. It is natural that programs are organized in a manner that does not lead to problems in the general health situation.

The nutrition and nutrition services unit in Mashavana is successfully providing services in this field.

In our hospital, a special package program is applied for 1.5 months for patients who have been diagnosed with obesity after taking into account their general health conditions. For the person to whom the program will be applied, its dietary habits and diseases are determined if any, and a detailed evaluation is carried out after obtaining data related to its general status by laboratory analysis.

After considering his height, weight, age, sex, working conditions and special conditions, a diet program is prepared for him. Under the program, it attaches importance to moral encouragement and training in diet. But it is also important to maintain a proper weight until you reach the required weight. This can only be achieved by proper feeding habits. The goal of the program is to provide a healthy eating habits for the person permanently. This on the one hand means a continuous diet. But a permanent diet does not mean a dietary approach that has been formulated to shrink and lead to some limitations. But also defines this dietary habit as ‘transforming it into a lifestyle’.

Monthly reviews prevent the recovery of lost weights. In addition, the appendages are eliminated in specific areas by developing exercise programs accompanied by physiotherapists.

Weight Gain Program
Although the number is less than those who want to get rid of their excess weight, but there are also those who say ‘I am not satisfied with my weight, I want to gain weight’.

For these purposes, weight gain programs are also developed regularly with the protection of their health. This type of software is processed after some tests.

Nutrition of the disease clinically
Patients are visited twice a day by a nutritionist. In evaluating patient complaints, analyzes, personal feeding habits, instructions are given to the diet kitchen. The nutrition of patients who receive the clinical treatment service is of particular importance. The Nutrition and Dietary Services Unit prepares a list of patients who are ill in our hospital with respect to the food they need to eat.

In this way special feeding is provided to the patient. In addition, the preparation of a home nutrition program for the patient after the discharge from the hospital, and if necessary to provide information to the patient and his relatives about proper nutrition with short training.

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