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New treatment records cases of complete cure of leukemia

The name cancer has always been associated with many people with fear and fear of inevitable death, but modern medicine may have a different view. Read the news to know more.

Scientists have recently discovered a revolutionary gene therapy in the world of cancer called CAR-T therapy, in which nearly 100% of patients with multiple myeloma, a form of multiple leukemia, have been cured. The results were revealed at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago, USA.

The new gene therapy is based on purifying the blood of the patient and isolating it from immune cells called T cells. These cells are modified in the laboratory and a new gene is introduced to eliminate the cancer cells. These cells are then returned to the patient. Fight cancer.

The group of doctors who supervised the experiment revealed the success of treatment in the recovery of a group of patients with leukemia completely, which is the first case of healing of multiple myeloma, and the state of complete recovery is rare occurrence of cancer in general.

Although the time is still somewhat early, and although the sample tested for the new treatment is relatively small (35 patients), it is interesting to note that all patients responded positively to the new treatment only two cases appeared to be relatively stable During just two months of treatment.

New treatments include: fever, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties.

The effectiveness of existing treatments is as follows:

Chemotherapy assists 10-30% of cancer patients.
Immune therapies help 35-40% of cancer patients.
Some of the currently available genetic treatments help 70-80%.
But no cure of the above was only 100% success rate of new gene therapy. Some 9 new cancer treatments have been approved since 2000, but they are not definitive treatments, but rather relieve and help cancer patients.

Multiple myeloma affects plasma cells in the blood that produce antibodies that fight infection and inflammation. This type of cancer affects nearly 30,000 people a year in the United States and more than 115,000 worldwide. The disease is the second most common cancer in patients with both men and women.

While the results are promising, researchers are now working to monitor the long-term impact of new treatments to see whether they really cure the disease. Researchers hope the treatment will be effective over the long term, especially as multiple cases of multiple myeloma increase by 2-3 percent annually.

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