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Medical Cosmetic

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Non-surgical cosmetic procedure is an important option in the world of beauty and provides wonderful solutions for cosmetic cases that do not require surgery. Non-surgical plastic procedures aim at improving the external appearance by medical treatments without surgical intervention.

Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy

Mesotherapy treatment

Face lift with golden thread

Chemical peeling

Facial injection with Filari, fat and Botox


PLP-rich plasma injection

New developments in cosmetic techniques have helped enrich the patient’s options to get the best results he wants at the least time, effort and less side effects.

Plasma therapy is rich in platelets by extracting blood from the human body and then separated by Centrifuging. The blood components are separated and the plasma is re-injected with platelets, which are rich in so-called growth factors in different places such as:

Inject plasma needles into facial skin.
Inject plasma needles into the skin of the neck.
Plasma right in hands.
Inject plasma needles into the scalp to give food to hair follicles.
PRP-rich platelet plasma preparation method:

The blood sample, which reaches up to 30 ml, is drawn and centrifuged according to a certain speed. We separate the blood components and then get three components. We add modified substances and put them in the filter and then they can be injected with the epidermis to revive skin cells, especially around the eye.

The Growth Factor is very important for cell regeneration and nourishment of the skin cell template (the template of the skin cell incubator). With time, collagen is helping growth factors to contract and return as before. Which reduces wrinkles and dry skin and maintain the cohesion and cohesion of collagen in the skin. Growth factors nourish and strengthen collagen.

The result of PRP skin treatment appears after a period of treatment, in contrast to injecting the skin with Botox, Filler or self-fat, where PRPP treatment is a nutritious treatment for previous options.

Difference between PRP and other vitamin treatments:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is of the body and has less sensitivity, with no reactions and long-term results.

PRP treatment of 30 years and above is recommended and applied twice a year to patients who wish to use the treatment on the skin for long term benefits.



Face lift with golden thread:

“Goodbye to aging and not to aging”

Wrinkles and wrinkles are the first enemy of women, as many women rushed to remove them by various means, especially as they appear on the face.

Cosmetic experts have devised a new and safe way to keep the sagging skin in the face as a result of aging. A method to remove the complications of anesthesia and scissors and pole, although the beginning of the newly but today attracted many of the ladies in a short time. This new method relies on the threads to remove wrinkles in the area of ​​the eyebrows, chin, cheeks, and neck.



Face-lift with golden thread:

It is based on the principle of introducing temporary filaments in the face melt after two years of introduction. Which means it is the safest. The advantage of this new method is reflected in the reliance on the skin and fat within the skin to lift the facial tissue and there is no surgery or stitching. It is made by a needle dedicated to this procedure and connected to a thread made of medical material. This material is characterized by high safety. The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia lasting about a quarter of an hour without pain, bruising or subsequent scars.

Who are the candidates for face-lift with golden thread:

Women who suffer from facial sagging and wrinkles are described as mediocre.
A face-lift is sometimes performed with golden thread for men who wish to perform the operation.
A face-lift is performed with golden thread for women who have persistent wrinkles (which appear when there is no facial expression).
Face Lift with Golden Lines in our Center:

The face-lift using the golden thread is a popular procedure in Turkey for many people and both sexes. Turkey is a destination for many people who want to do face-lift and other cosmetic procedures.
Under the influence of local anesthesia.
Dependent on skin tightening without surgery.
New threads of Poly-Lactic Acid, a substance of the body that does not cause any sensitivity and dissolves inside the body, are absorbable.
It lasts from 18 to 24 months before melting. One of the advantages is that the body does not reject it, it considers it to be of the nature of the body and not alien to it.
The patient will practice the following day safely and there is no effect after the insertion of the strings.
Uses of golden threads in face lift:

Eyebrow Lifting.
Cheeks Augmentation
Jawline Lifting.
Neck Lifting.
The thread has the first alitin working to lift the skin because of the presence of cones inside the second stimulates the secretion and release of collagen fibers. It is a cosmetic and therapeutic process at the same time.



Mesotherapy Therapy:

Mesotherapy is an injection therapy is considered a cosmetic non-surgical medical treatment consists of the mesotherapy of many vitamins, plant extracts and many other substances needed by the skin is injected into the middle layer of Mesodermal skin tissue.

It is used in many cosmetic fields:

Treatment of skin, scars and small incisions.
Remove wrinkles and re-eyeglasses.
Remove the effects of acne.
Treatment of hair loss.
Remove pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin.
Mesotherapy for skin tone:

It works to stimulate collagen and elastin. Materials are chosen according to need and skin condition. Several sessions are preferred. Dermaroller skin needles or dermatology are used according to the condition of the skin.

Mesotherapy for treatment of hair loss:

Mesotherapy helps to improve hair growth and results during the treatment period. Many patients improve with permanent treatment and are an adjunctive treatment for basic treatments.

Mesotherapy is a treatment injected into the scalp and contains substances such as collagen and vitamins that inhibit hair growth and are used after local anesthesia of the scalp.

A small needle is used to inject the mesotherapy into the middle layer of the scalp tissue in order to stimulate hair follicles.

Mesotherapy is used in several sessions at a biweekly rate.


Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is one of the oldest methods used in cosmetics. It started with the days of the pharaohs and despite the development of medical technology in the field of cosmetics, chemical peels remain the most important and best cosmetic treatments today if they were done correctly.

Chemical peeling is used to:

Rejuvenation of the skin.
Skin whitening.
Remove skin pigmentation and dark spots in the skin.
Treatment of wrinkles, wounds and effects of acne.
Chemical peels aim to reach different layers of the skin for the purpose of exfoliation. We use the appropriate treatment and concentration to reach the depth and skin layer required (surface layer, middle layer, deep layer).

Or depending on the problem (disposal of the effects of previous scars or costs and patches, or surface lines)

There are two kinds of chemical peels:

Liquid chemical peeling: It is liquid form applied to the face.
Chemical steel peeling: It is in the form of a mask placed on the face for a number of designated hours and then begins to operate

Facial injection with flap, fat or botox and laser face lift.

Beauty must be maintained to get permanent shine, is the shape of the face area noblest human body, which is his image and his image in front of people and to maintain brilliance there are steps and rules must be followed.

It is not important that we inject Botox or increase the volume of lips or cheeks, but it is important to choose the appropriate and best way to tighten the face to make the results proportional to the natural face shape.

Remove facial wrinkles:

Shall be through the following means:

Facial injection with the elephant: “soluble substances designed to fill and increase volume, including Hyaluronic Acid”
Injecting the face with natural fats.
Botox injection.
Laser face lift, which is used as a procedure by means of which the muscles of the face are pulled and the full dilutions are removed.
Because each diagnosis has its own treatment, the patient’s condition is chosen after examination and consultation with the doctor.

Patient’s desire:

Many people are looking for a round face called the “baby face” but its problem here is the quick slack so we advise the patient to avoid this option as a result of the fast slack that may occur and we do not recommend this option for patients who have a long vertical line of the face.

If the patient has a long vertical line of the face we recommend the option of the face triangle, which is the best and safer form for the slouch.

Stage of the evaluation and preparation of the injection of the face:

It is essential to evaluate before injecting the face in order to assess what the face needs before injecting.

The procedure of injecting the face with the elephant, fat or botox is to:

Remove signs of fatigue under the eye (cocaine lines).
Removal of permanent forehead lines, it is very important to treat them in the beginning because after their appearance is very difficult to get rid of them.
Tighten the lower dot of the face to remove wrinkles around the nose and mouth called the lines of grief. Wrinkle lines in the neck below the face and face can also be tightened by surgical face tightening or face-lift with golden thread in cases not treated with facial injections.
Eye-side wrinkles that appear especially with laughter and with facial expressions.
Remove the droplets of the lion’s corona that appear during the frown.
Remove wrinkles that appear on the nose.
Remove wrinkles around the neck.


Facial injection places:

Injection in the cheeks of the cheeks:

The filling can be placed in the cheeks to maintain two prominent committees that are usually in young ladies.

But over time, tiredness, exhaustion and aging, the cheeks lose their fat and thus the face loses the S shape of young girls and turns the face from triangle to square. But by injections we can now restore and restore the face to the natural state it was and return the face to the shape of the golden triangle or ring as appropriate for the lady and what you love in addition to giving the face the natural form.

Note: The indiscriminate blowing of the face makes the individual lose his natural beauty and turn into an unpopular industrial beauty in society.

Injection in the area of ​​grief lines (area around the nose):

Grief lines are a problem that many people suffer with age, weakness, tiredness, tiredness and can be disposed of right through the lines of wrinkles to get rid of them.

The injection of lines of grief greatly reduces the slouch and fall of the face that occurs with age.

Injections in the lip area:

The lips are a center of excitement for any lady and enlarging them is not necessary for all ladies, but injecting them is necessary to give freshness to the lips and remove the wrinkles that appear over time as well as drawing the character of the mouth and thus access to the lips stuffed because the large lips do not fit all faces and the end beauty is harmony The facial components are all together.

An important note for all individuals who wish to perform facial injections.

It is not only enough to treat wrinkles, but also to maintain, nourish and permanently moisturize the skin.


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