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In-vitro-Fertilisation IVF

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In which rapid sperm are separated from non-moving sperm,
And then sterilized and focused to be injected into the uterus of women, and is stimulated ovary before the needle stimulator to produce a number of eggs (1-3) to reach the desired size is injected by injection, then injected semen into the uterus or fallopian tube and women sit for two hours on her back In the hospital, two weeks after the injection of the embryos without menstruation, a blood test is done to confirm the pregnancy, and then follow the ultrasound.

Cases of artificial insemination:
– Sickness of the semen: whether the number of sperm from the normal number, or the weakness of movement, or increase the unnatural forms.
– cervical diseases such as cervical fibrosis due to surgery, or endometrial migration.
– Ovulation problems.
– Some women feel the semen, which causes redness and swelling with the pain of the vagina when the arrival of semen to him.
Infertility unknown reason.
– Man’s body composition antibodies to sperm.

Cases where artificial insemination is not useful:
– The adhesions of the fallopian tubes.
– ovarian failure.
– acute migratory endometriosis.
– Severe semen weakness.

And is known as the injection of sperm living inside the egg, after the activation of the ovary in women using fertility treatments that mature the eggs to be ready to fertilize and get more ova to increase the chances of pregnancy, as the number of embryos vaccinated compared to the vaccination of one egg only, Oocytes using ultrasound to determine the size of the egg, the number of fertilized eggs, and prevent any complications that impede the fertilization process.

The oocytes are withdrawn from the vagina with the help of ultrasound from the vagina, which is performed under anesthesia, where the vagina is cleaned and sterilized. The oocytes are then withdrawn from the ovary within 20 minutes for the woman to rest for a short period afterwards in the clinic. Progesterone is then prescribed
On the day of ovulation, the woman feels after the withdrawal of the eggs with pain and colic similar to menstrual pain and lasts for a day or two at most, the woman may also suffer a simple bleeding and if the amount of blood increase should consult your doctor.

The embryos are then fertilized by adding semen in the laboratory and left for incubation period 4-24 hours according to the maturation of the eggs. The process is performed in a medium similar to the mother’s uterus at the temperature and the quantity of oxygen. The embryos are transferred 2-5 days after the fertilization of the uterus, Embryos.

Cases of Reproduction by Microscopy:
Male infertility due to: lack of sperm count, poor mobility, deformation of sperm forms, paralysis or complete sepsis, lack of fertility in men.

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