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Emergency department

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The emergency department is an emergency department in every sense of the word and is concerned with sudden and unexpected health problems. Among the sudden health problems called “rapidly evolving cases” in medicine are traffic accident cases, heart attacks, falls from the top, nubia, respiratory failure, multiple wounds and other conditions. There is a health staff with training and special education in this field within the emergency department.

Modern furnishings

The Turkish Hospital is among the few health institutions in terms of services provided in the emergency department. The emergency department is equipped with all modern equipment for emergency interventions. The team using this equipment consists of specialist physicians with expertise and information on emergencies, paramedics and nursing staff. The Emergency Unit at the Turkey Hospital has a special peculiarity. The first paramedics, composed of experienced health personnel and emergency trainees, have worked in our emergency detection unit.

Emergency services are provided 24 hours a day, with the same quality of care, with doctors from all fields and support of paramedics and nursing staff

Performance in the section

The screening of patients is applied to the emergency unit of the Turkish Hospital. Means they are classified. The patient’s condition will be assessed and the required urgency will be determined and directed accordingly. The treatment begins immediately if the patient’s condition requires it.

The patient is received by the paramedics first when the patient comes to the door. They take the urgent intervention of the patient and help to remove it from the car and carry it inside. They are doing these things as they should be. Treatment with the patient’s condition is done by experts from the arrival of the patient to the emergency department.

They help and care for each patient as they pass from patients’ arrival to their departure.

Ambulance services

The emergency unit supports ambulance services. Urgent cases are quickly reached and the patient is transferred to the hospital with the most appropriate conditions. Our ambulances are a bridge between the scene and the hospital for patients.

In ambulances trained paramedics for these cases during the transfer of the patient to the hospital. They take care of the initial professional for all cases that seek urgent intervention until the patient reaches the hospital.

The emergency unit is also special as it is suitable for our ambulances or vehicles that transport the patient. It has a helipad that can be used when necessary, and this possibility exists only in rare health facilities.

Initial support units

The following units support the Turkish Hospital Emergency Unit by providing 24 hours of uninterrupted service:

Internal diseases
Health and diseases of children
Orthopedics and injuries
Obstetrics and Gynecology

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