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The healthy body needs rest as it needs food. That’s why sleeping is one of the most important elements of a healthy life. People who are not adequately sleepy for various reasons suffer from poor health in their daily lives. This adversely affects their working lives.

Organized sleep is a great role to live a healthy and happy life and this fact of life can not be denied. Sleepy elements are important health problems.

The Center for the treatment of snoring and sleep disorders research and diagnose the causes of sleep disorders and treatment. We have doctors and staff with experience and efficiency and the hospital is equipped with the best technology.

Some services are available at our medical center

For the treatment of insomnia or lack of sleep in the beginning must know the reasons leading to that. This is done by doing some tests using the technological possibilities. Some of the examinations are as follows:

Sleep tests

* Checking sleep all night

* Calibrating positive air pump device


* Daytime sleep tests

EEG Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Computer brain layout

Brain planning for a short sleep

* Brain planning for children

* Monitor the brain of the video

* 24-hour brain planning

The role of surgery in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea

Temporary sleep apnea is a major cause of insomnia and sleeplessness. This serious health problem that can pose a risk to human life during sleep can be successfully treated.

In the past, the obstruction of the upper airway was treated by an operation that opened a hole in the trachea from the outside. Today, these surgical interventions have become very rare. But is now being treated using an air compressor mask placed over the nose. Despite the rare use of the method of puncture in the trachea, but it is used with cases where the blockage of the upper air channels at the advanced stages, and is a method of treatment is similar to it because it helps to breathe and relax quickly.

But the process of protecting and cleaning this hole is difficult and in addition it poses many risks. In addition to having psychologically negative effects.

The appropriate surgical method is determined according to the patient’s condition and the different factors that cause obstruction of the airways in the upper respiratory system.

For this reason it is important to check and check the three causes of obstruction of breath:

* the nose

* Oral cavity

* the tongue

The nasal obstruction is opened and treated by altering the size of the nose in the case of bending or excision of the polyps within the nose.

Tumor of the oral cavity is considered to be the same process of successful treatment of 50% in terms of rest of the patient. Taking a breath also helps prevent snoring.

Today’s oral cavity is performed using a scalpel, a radio and a laser.


The aim of this treatment is to remove the soft tissue caused by airway obstruction. In some cases, the opening of two closed areas can be carried out at the same time with more than one operation. Or perform these operations on different dates one by one.

This point should be made particularly clear to the patients very well:

Snoring is very serious and requires serious medical interventions compared to other medical treatments. In addition, surgical treatment does not guarantee a cure for any patient. But in terms of statistics, high rates have been addressed and cured.

Patients who become suffocated due to the large size of the tongue roots or back of the tongue during sleep need advanced operations such as upper and lower jaw operations. Can this process be performed with the oral cavity process?

The operations of the jaws can reach the top and bottom jaw and move them forward with surgery.

Large operations are applied to patients who categorically reject treatment. Use of air compressor

But during the weighting of these operations should not forget that there are some people who tried treatment through the movements of the bones of the jaws forward and operations of the oral cavity did not improve their health despite the passage of 4 to 6 weeks on the time of these operations.


In general, problems with nighttime breathing, jaws and snoring are clearly successful. The proportion of treatment through these operations reached the proportion of treatment using the air pressure device


Laser Applications

Laser therapy technology is also used to remove breathing obstructions and prevent snoring.

Laser was introduced in Paris in 1980 by Kamami and in 1992 he moved to the United States of America. This application is used to treat cases of mild snoring during sleep and not with cases of sleep apnea.

The procedure can be performed as a standing person and with local anesthesia.

Pain from the operation is treated by doing pain relief for a week. Treatment for cases that do not suffer from shortness of breath at night in the form of treatment sessions. The number of such sessions may reach five to five.

Although this process of snoring is easy, simple and reliable, the limits of this treatment should be very well explained to the patient.

Today we note that laser snoring has become a marketing weapon. While the process of treatment of snoring and lack of night breathing is one of the major health problems that are not treated and solved in a manner of beating and escape. In this sense, this work must be carried out after making a logical assessment.


Some things you should know about snoring

Sleep and sleep tests should be applied to patients with shortness of breath and snoring.

And do not forget that there are many causes of snoring and shortness of breath can not be addressed and corrected through operations.

Sleep test, is the most real indicators and detail

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