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Department of Psychiatry

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Activities and research on the causes and solutions of spiritual problems for patients with these problems are conducted in Pediatrics Unit and psychological treatments are performed for adolescents and adults.

Spiritual disorders are identified via face-to-face interviews and necessary tests in the psychiatric unit. The necessary therapeutic program is determined after evaluating the data obtained.

Interview and psychotherapy sessions are also organized with medical support under this program.

Diagnosis and treatment for anxiety, depression, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, Hipol disorders, paranoid disorders) and sexual disorders, eating and sleeping disorders, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, learning disorders, .

Express services are provided by taking the person’s status into account in emergency reviews.

Consultation services are provided to patients residing in Turkey due to other diseases?


These factors are arranged as follows: Multiple data demonstrate that the trauma the patient experiences as a result of his or her problems is the basis of mental illness.

Financial problems
Compression of married life
Parental pressure
Failure at school
Fear of death
Stress at work
Extreme poverty
social situation
Life in the city

Characteristics of treatment

Identifying the factors that affect people’s behavior and feeling unhappy is an essential element of treatment in this context. Psychological tensions can bear common characteristics even if they are motivated by different causes. The data resulting from the failure emerges in almost all of these factors.

Psychotherapy is used to show the patient’s pent-up feelings and feelings of confidence to show these emotions. The success of treatment is parallel to the patient’s confidence.

Treatment may need to be long and without breaks due to these characteristics. Incomplete treatments may result in problems that have been relatively reduced again in a short time.

What is treatment?

The patient’s proper expression of himself is very important and the patient’s patient and patient listening to the patient is also equally important in the success of psychotherapy. Often the patient reveals what is inside the doctor because of the confidence he feels towards the doctor. This makes it easier to diagnose the cause of the disorder.

The person is blind, and avoids the participants, and tries to hide even from himself in the case of psychological disorder. The success of treatment is achieved by removing the person from the same prison that he is inside.

A patient who is away from life has acquired the normal movement of life again. A person begins to feel pleasure from what he does, to face problems, and to resist obstacles with the confidence that treatment gives him.

Major diseases group

Psychotherapy is focused on the person’s data in the activities conducted in this area. For this reason, we must accept that these treatments are long-term. The drugs are used to support control of the patient’s distraction and to stop and neutralize negative reactions. Providing long-term assistance to solve problems is the basic idea of ​​treatment with dynamic psychotherapy with a predominantly psychoanalytic and psychosocial approach.

A) Mental disorders

B) Emotional state disorders

C) anxiety disorders

W) Psychological disorders that are the result of other diseases are treated with full identification of the causes.

Cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and the like can be easily diagnosed for life today. These diseases may cause trauma to the patient and weaken the strength of his life. This, of course, brings severe psychological problems.

The lack of social adjustment that shows the jealousy of moving away from what is happening in the patient’s surroundings, and fears and anxieties, are among the psychological problems we face too many.

The crisis felt by the person makes him offensive in his relations with others sometimes. And acquire an identity that can not be co-existent and useless.

And forgetfulness, and surrender to dreams, fears, and non-existent forces are not patient according to the depth of the psychological problem in which it is.

The most important factors that cause mental disorders are sexual disorders.

The psychiatric unit at the Turkish Hospital prepares programs for activities and research to solve all problems and mental illnesses.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disturbance is one of the important reasons that negatively affect the quality of human life. Sleep disorders can often be a result of a hidden illness, and can be related to psychological problems. The person lives a dilemma between sleep disorder and the psychological problem he or she experiences. The condition of insomnia, which is the result of physical diseases, may negatively affect the psychological balance of the person, and can happen quite the opposite, and some mental disorders cause insomnia in the person.

Child Psychiatry

Health and spiritual diseases for children and adolescents or psychiatry for children and adolescents is a branch of science that examines the various symptoms that appear in the social, family, academic, behavioral and emotional areas that may be experienced by children and young people in the age ranging from childhood to youth.

Part of these symptoms may be natural things that pertain to a child’s life span, or may be associated with actual reactions related to surrounding factors or life events, and may be representative of existing or emerging pathological satisfactions. Pediatric psychiatry is involved in the stabilization of these symptoms, such as the assessment of children in terms of the stage of illness, whether their condition requires treatment or not, and what form of treatment appropriate to them if treatment is required. These assessments are based on the individual interview conducted with the child and on the interview conducted together with the child and the family initially, and are carried out on a prospective and psychological basis in the circumstances that warrant it.

Most frequently asked questions regarding age ranges:

Childhood problems; problems of eating, appetite and sleep; difficulties in socializing and establishing relationships with the environment (such as not looking directly into the eyes), problems resulting from the relationship between father, mother and child;

Pre-school problems: problems of water use education, behavioral problems, excess movement, irregular sleep, difficulty in starting kindergarten, inability to separate from parents, inability to communicate, difficulty in establishing social relationships with peers, difficulty talking Or delay, and counter-behavior of all that is new.

The school period: Problems and difficulties such as lack of success in school, lack of desire to go to school, fear of school, lack of concentration, problems of disposition, overactivity, difficulty of aptitude with peers, difficulty in assimilation, learning difficulties, lack of desire in general, Sleep, anxiety and doubt, anxiety of exams, fears, urination during the night, and allergies.

Adolescence: problems of disposition, lack of general desire, lack of happiness, anxiety, fear, lack of concentration, problems of appetite and sleep, changes in eating behaviors, behaviors of self harm, allergies in general and the like may be introductions to the causes of problems.

Psychiatric disorders that can be observed in children and adolescents:

* Emotional Disorder: Depression, bipolar and trigeminal disorders.

* Anxiety Disorder: Panic Attacks, Famous Fear Disorder.

* Disturbance fear of separation in childhood.

*. Social anxiety disorder in childhood.

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

*Disorder and hyperactivity disorder.

* Autism – Common developments disorders.

* Special learning difficulty.

*Delays in cognitive development

* Behavior disorder

* Speech disorders

* Food disorders

* Irregularity of sleep: Nightmares, Night Horror

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