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  • Plastic surgery:Cosmetic surgery at the center of Dr.alakkad was conducted by the best cosmetic surgeons in Turkey and the Middle East, using the latest techniques of modern plastic surgery, which provided the patient with faster healing time with better cosmetic results.

    Surgical Face Lift:

    Surgical Face Lift is a technique in plastic surgery aimed at removing facial wrinkles, lines and wrinkles in a surgical way.

    Factors that help to get skin softening?

    Genetic factors.

    The skin is kind and fast.

    External factors such as smoking, sun exposure and exposure to industrial conditioning.

    The blonde skin, if present in warmer countries, is more affected than it is in cold countries.

    Surgical face lift The purpose of the face to restore the normal shape:

    The surgical face-lift is performed to restore the normal shape only. It should be noted that the forehead should not be tightened so as not to give us a frightening shape because, in the case of forehead tightening, the patient undergoing surgery is always surprised. Botox injections are used to remove wrinkles in the forehead. To maintain and enhance the face, we can use different treatments such as stem cell therapy, mesotherapy or plasma therapy.

    Many ladies may need surgical face-lifters to get rid of some wrinkles in the forehead and remove the lines of sadness, browbones and wrinkles around the lips by tightening the face non-surgically because the surgical face lift does not help in these cases.

    Surgical face lift includes:

    Face lift from the top.

    Tighten the face and neck.

    Remove the upper eyelid and lower eyelid above and below the eye.

    When doing all these procedures, we have done a full face lift at one time.

    This process takes two hours of time without resorting to general hygiene and the patient returns after this process 30 years of age back within two hours only and gives the process a natural outcome lasting up to fifteen years in the future.

    Surgical Face-Lift Method:

    The procedure is done by removing the excess skin and tightening the facial muscles to ensure that the skin does not slacken in the future.

    Surgical scars are hidden near the ear so they do not appear.

    Face lift to restore normal shape:

    Must not affect the shape of the nose, mouth and chin.

    Postoperative Notes:

    The patient undergoing the process of tensile surgery to take care of the continuous skin after the operation because it is very necessary to take care of and moisturize and give it a life by doing a constant revitalization so as not to dwindle and return to slouch.

    Therefore, every six months the patient needs to inject nutrients for the skin, such as treatment with mesotherapy, plasma treatments and stem cells.

    2 – breast lift:

    Changes in the shape of the breast have many causes such as aging, pregnancy, recurrent births and weight changes. Over time, the shape of the breast changes and it slows downwards. Breast lift can help restore the natural and aesthetic shape of the breast in order to get the best look.

    There are three degrees of breast laxity:

    Slight slack: where the nipple is close or below the level of the tuck of the breast.

    Meditation: The nipple is below the level of the breast flexion with partial dilution of the breast tissue.

    Very sagging: The nipple is at the far end of the lower breast.

    Chest lift:

    Breast lift is performed in a well equipped operation room and monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    Breast lift varies depending on degree of slackness (slight, moderate or severe).

    The treatment is based on a surgical procedure in which the nipple is repositioned to its normal shape with the removal of the excess skin and loose from the breast.

    Breast tightening is performed under general anesthesia between one and four hours depending on the degree of sagging, and may sometimes require hospitalization for only one day.

    The surgeon takes the required breast measurements and draws the lines needed to determine the position of the final nipple and the aesthetic shape of the breast.

    side effects: As in any surgical procedure may occur some swelling, pain and glaucoma but does not wear to end in a few days with medical treatment and medication.

    Postoperative Tips:

    It is necessary to wear a special bra for the breast, which is agreed upon with the surgeon before surgery to maintain the shape of the breast in the first days after surgery until the completion of healing.

    The exhausting activities should be avoided during the first period after surgery until complete recovery.

    3-Breast Augmentation:

    The breast consists of building and fat glands that form the size and shape of the breast. With weight loss, pregnancy and lactation, and hormonal or hereditary causes, there may be deformity of the breast, which causes great embarrassment to the breast as a symbol of femininity. Women who are not satisfied with the shape of breast or women who have experience with the change in the shape of the breast can correct its shape by breast augmentation.

    Breast augmentation fillings for women:

    There are several forms of fillings that can be placed for breast augmentation:

    Rounded fillings.

    Pointed fillings from the front.

    Soft or coarse felt fillings.

    Natural, medium or large size fillings.

    Types of fillings:

    There are two types of fillings:

    Silicone Implant: Consists of a silicon case with silicone gel inside.

    Saline (saline) fillings: Consists of a silicon purse and a saline solution inside.

    Both fillings are authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    In order to reach the breast shape you wish to build on:


    Body shape.

    The form of the skin tissue of my skin.

    Breast Augmentation:

    Breast augmentation is performed in an operating room equipped and monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    The operation takes about an hour and is performed under the influence of general anesthesia.

    A small opening is made around the bottom of the nipple, then the pocket is formed in order to absorb the fill.

    Through this opening, the breast gland is raised as a single unit and a pocket is made to place the silicone.

    The silicone is then placed to fill the breast and the wound is closed.

    The scar is hidden under the nipple and disappears completely over time and has no effect.

    side effects:

    As in any process may occur some swelling or glaucoma but soon disappear in a few days with medical treatment.

    After surgery:

    No need to stay in the hospital On the first day of the operation you can leave the hospital on the same day of the operation.

    It is necessary to wear a special bra for the breast, which is agreed upon with the surgeon before surgery to maintain the shape of the breast in the first days after surgery until the completion of healing.

    4 – Removal of gynecomastia in men:

    Gynecomastia is a bulge in the breast caused by an imbalance of the androgenic hormones compared to the female hormones. Either an increase in estrogen or a decrease in the level of testosterone (male hormones) over a long period of time is usually More than a year.

    This long-term imbalance in the hormones causes a build-up of fat in the breast area. With time, these fats harden and the mammary gland glands, causing “gynecomastia”.

    Is its existence embarrassing? Yes sure.

    Some men can even avoid certain sports activities and enter into an intimate relationship because of this problem.

    The process of removing gynecomastia in men:

    The removal of gynecomastia is performed in order to remove the adipose tissue located in the breast in men and to correct the large and unusually large chest. Breast enlargement in men is a phenomenon that may occur at any age whose main effect is the self confidence of the person.

    The process of removing gynecomastia in men:

    The removal of gynecomastia is carried out in an operating room equipped and supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    Under general anesthesia.

    A surgical incision is performed under the nipple to reach the hardened lipid tissue.

    The adipose tissue located under the nipple is completely removed.

    In some cases, the surgeon also intervenes with a liposuction technique to give an aesthetic view of the chest in men and restore its aesthetic and natural surface shape.

    The cosmetic wound under the nipple disappears completely after the operation and leaves no trace.

    Candidates for the process of removing gynecomastia in men:

    Male athletes who take male asrogens (also called industrial testosterone) to enlarge the muscles. The body excretes estrogen (female hormones) as a reaction due to abnormally high levels of male hormones.

    This is caused by a disturbance in the proportion of male hormones compared to female hormones, which lasts for a long period (for two years) and did not go away alone, in this case gets lump and stiffness in the chest tissue and breast and difficult to get rid of the patient grease and surgery.

    5-arm lift:

    Excessive skin at the arms is often very annoying, especially after weight loss in bulk. If you have tried all the exercises necessary to get rid of the problem of slimming your arms, the best solution for you is the arm lift.

    Candidates for arm lift:

    People who have lost their weight and have arms in the arms did not succeed in the exercise in the reconstruction of the shape of arms slim and tender them.

    The proportion of fat in the arms is low.

    Persons with high physical health.

    Arm lift:

    The arm-lift is performed in an operating room equipped and supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.

    The arm lift is defined by the surgical incision lines.

    The skin and fat are separated from the surrounding membranes layer of the farmer’s hair, and then the fat and excess skin are removed from the arms to look slim and graceful.

    Side effects of arm lift:

    Tuzem resulting from surgical work is removed using compressor ligament and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Postoperative scar, (as hidden as possible).

    Duration of operation and residence in Turkey:

    The duration of treatment in Turkey is three days only one day for the operation and the rest of the days in the hotel to rest and follow the condition and stability of the patient.

    The operation duration is 1-3 hours.

    6. Abdominoplasty

    Consistent strength and tight stomach is a dream that soon disappears with age and weight increase as the accumulation of stubborn fat that does not disappear by diet or exercise and worsens the skin not only with age, but also with repetition of birth and lack of sports where weakness in the abdominal muscles and the emergence Public…

    Many men and women suffer from one of the most challenging cosmetic blemishes: slackening of the abdominal skin and muscle weakness. Often exercise may not be effective due to weak abdominal muscles. Many men and women resort to tummy tuck.


    Is a process designed to reshape the stomach and abdomen area and give the abdomen a tight and flat through the suction of fat accumulated under the skin and remove skin lengthening and strengthen the muscles of the stomach.

    Abdominoplasty is performed under the influence of general anesthesia.

    The duration of the operation is two and a half to three hours, during which the excess and loose skin of the patient will be removed, along with a tightening of the abdominal muscles.

    The wound is located in the area of ​​the skin folds in an unseen area close to the bikini area under the underwear.

    The shaft is made around the navel to move it to its new location.

    Stitches that are used are stitches that are absorbable by the body and dissolve.

    A new slot is made for the navel to return to its original place and aesthetic shape.

    The patient goes out of the operation the same day to the house.

    The improvement is immediate after the operation and the patient sees the results quite directly after the operation.

    In some cases where sagging in the abdominal muscles or general weakness in the abdominal muscles need to strengthen the abdominal muscles or tighten the muscles of the abdomen and thus disappear the problem of basic slack.

    Candidates for tummy tucks:

    People with good physical health.

    Patients who are close to the ideal weight and body mass index (BMI) are no more than 30.

    Men and women who were exposed to weight loss after doing triglycerides.

    Women who have had frequent pregnancies 2-5 times.

    People who are upset with the shape of the mandalian abdomen.

    Some notes after tummy tuck:

    Compressor corset is recommended after operation in order to get perfect results.

    You can exercise under certain conditions after two months of operation.

    No effort is recommended during the first week of the operation.

    The patient feels uncomfortable and difficulty moving after surgery and lasts only for three days.

    The scar is in the lower abdominal region of the bikini.

    As in any process may occur some swelling and glaucoma as well as some pain, but soon disappear in a few days with medical treatment.

    7 – the process of ear beautification

    Ear or emitter:

    The ear is a congenital problem in which the ear is far from the scalp with a clear distance that makes the shape of the ear prominent and large.

    A prominent ear is a problem for both men and women. Men can not lengthen their hair to conceal the shape of the prominent ear. In contrast, women adhere to a certain hairstyle in which they try to conceal the shape of the prominent ear.

    But with a simple surgery to assess the prominent ear and the inclusion of the head can change their appearance to them significantly.

    The ear is prominent outward as in the following figure:

    Eminent Ear Implants:

    Ear embolism is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. By opening a small wound 2 cm in the area behind the ear to reach the cartilage of the ear in order to correct it. This wound is not visible and is on the inner end of the external ear.

    The procedure continues under the influence of local anesthesia after the cartilage is stabilized using the cosmetic thread. After the repair of the ear, it returns to its natural shape, which touches the scalp. The natural ear drawing returns, and there must be no trace of any visible scars, because the scar will be behind the ear.

    The operation takes between 12 to 25 minutes. After the operation is put a compressor belt for a week after that is removed compressor ligament and the individual can exercise normally.

    People who can do the Ear Implants:

    People who are healthy and do not have chronic diseases.

    The ear is between 2-3.5 cm from the scalp.

    The procedure can be performed for children over the age of five years.

    Side effects of emollient saliva:

    Ear surgery is a simple surgery that takes place within 8-15 minutes with no side effects. The most common side effect of the emphysema is:

    The pain resulting from surgery is taken as appropriate.

    Light distension resulting from surgery.

    Length of Operation and Residence:

    The duration of treatment in Turkey is three days only one day for the operation and the rest of the days in the hotel to rest and follow the condition and stability of the patient.

    The duration of the operation as a time of 12-25 minutes.

    Results of Ear Earpiece:

    It is agreed between the physician and the patient on the final form of the ear after surgery. The shape of the ear is away from the scalp with a distance of 2-3.5 cm until it reaches the shape of the natural ear that barely touches the scalp.

    8. Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular operations in Turkey, aiming to correct the external appearance of the nose as an enlargement, reduction or change of the shape of the nose. The process of rhinoplasty requires the art and skill of a high doctor. It is concerned with cosmetic external appearance as well as the internal performance of the nose function in terms of breath and smell.

    In most cases, rhinoplasty is performed after the age of 15 because the shape of the nose does not change after that age.

    Candidates for Rhinoplasty:

    Big nose shape for genetic reasons.

    Change the shape of the nose resulting from an accident or injury.

    Incompatibility of nose shape with face and head.

    Asymmetric nose and swollen nose.


    Rhinoplasty is performed in an operating room equipped and monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    Under the influence of general anesthesia.

    The operation lasts from one to two hours.

    The nose is sealed with Closed Rhinoplasty, which does not leave external scars on the surface of the nose.

    The patient must choose the final shape of the nose before performing the cosmetic procedure, and then consult between the doctor and the patient to get the shape desired by the patient, taking into account the appropriate surgical procedure for the shape of the nose that fits the shape of the face and head.

    What happens after a rhinoplasty?

    An aluminum splint is placed on the nose surface for a week.

    After the operation a day, congestion within the nose causes some difficulty breathing.

    Swelling may occur under the eye and can be covered with makeup.

    These symptoms gradually disappear with medical and pharmacological treatment.

    Length of Operation and Residence:

    The duration of the operation is 1-3 hours depending on the situation.

    Stay in Istanbul for six days, one in the hospital and the rest of the days in the hotel.

    Notes :

    The procedure for rhinoplasty should vary from person to person. The same procedure can not be performed for all patients.

    It should be noted that the final results of the correction of the nose need several months to be clear for the patient.

    9-liposuction process

    Is a cosmetic process by which excess liposuction from specific areas of the body (waist, abdomen, buttocks, back of the arms, thighs …) to sculpt the body and improve the appearance.

    The procedure is performed with a very small surgical incision up to 3 ml on the surface of the skin. Through this procedure, liposuction is performed using different techniques (laser, vaser, fluid injection, or ultrasound). The goal of the process is body sculpting and not weight loss.

    Objectives of liposuction:

    Improve the appearance of the body by removing grease concentrations that do not disappear with sport or diet.

    Distinct areas of the body contain excess fat (abdomen, buttocks, thighs … etc).

    Improve sexual function by easing grease on the inner region of the thigh.

    Removal of benign lipid tumors.

    Removal of gynecomastia in men.

    Obstacles to prevent liposuction:

    Liposuction can be performed for anyone who is healthy and well, but there are contraindications to the process:

    Cardiovascular patients.

    Kidney patients.

    Asthma patients.

    Smoking, alcohol and addiction.

    Patients with hypersensitivity and skin allergies in particular.

    liposuction :

    Liposuction is performed in a well equipped operating room.

    The operation is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia according to the patient’s condition.

    A very small incision is made up to 3 ml in the surface of the skin.

    Liposuction is followed by the latest medical techniques in liposuction.

    Liposuction ranges from one to three hours.

    Side effects of liposuction:

    As with any surgical operation exposed to the patient there are some side effects that may occur after the process of liposuction:

    Loss of fluid results from liposuction from the body.

    Skin discoloration due to postoperative pain.

    Occurrence of numbness in areas exposed to liposuction.


    Duration of operation and residence in Turkey:

    The duration of treatment in Turkey is four days only one day for the operation and the rest of the days in the hotel to rest and follow the condition and stability of the patient.

    The operation duration is 1-3 hours.

    10 – the injection of fat in the body.

    The process of self-fat injection is done by moving the fat cells from the place and injecting them into a different place. Where fat is extracted from regions where fat is excess and processed and then re-injected in the required places.

    Injection of self fat can be used in more than one area of ​​the body and is a preferred filler for many. It is considered a natural substance and from the body. The body does not consider it strange and does not attack and does not move and be stable and lasting years and through which we inject the patient the quantity needed, where it can be calculated by needle as normal packing materials.

    Who can carry out the process of self-fat injection:

    Suitable for all ages from 18 to 60 years of age.

    Facial fat injection for the face is very slim and lasts 3-4 years.

    Injection of fat in the hands (back of the hands).

    Inject breast fat for breast enlargement and lasts 5-7 years.

    Fat injection in buttocks to enlarge the buttocks and last for 5-7 years or carve the waist for the ladies.

    It can also be used in areas where there is a decrease in the amount of body fat due to certain connective tissue diseases that cause atrophy, cavity or fibrosis in certain places where they can be injected and packaged in fat.

    Men can also perform this procedure in order to remove facial pits due to excess weight loss.

    Fat is a living cell that is not just a filler when injected into the body and the arrival of blood during the first four days of injection live and last long.

    It is supposed to last a lifetime but because of the loss of fat over time and change metabolism of the body may lead to the loss of these fats, the result is not permanent but for many years. In contrast, a portion of the transferred fat, which reaches 50%, lives for life. It is preferable to transfer self-fat instead of the second packing option for scientific and health reasons.

    Note about self-fat injection process:

    Cannula is used instead of needles where the head is tapered to reduce the trauma and bruising caused by the injection.

    Side effects of surgery:

    Swelling and bruising are only for a week.

    Tips after the operation:

    Be very careful about newly formulated and injected fats during the first period of the operation.

    Medication after surgery is very important to get rid of swelling and bruising.

    Creams needed after surgery are especially gentle during the period of swelling (be in the first week after the operation).

    Do not sleep on the face if the process is intended to inject fat into the face.

    11 – the process of enlarging the buttocks:

    The process of enlarging the buttocks by placing fillings or injections of natural fat is one of the most cosmetic operations that are performed to repair the inconsistency of the body and the small buttocks in many of the women, which restores their sense of femininity and confidence in themselves.

    Silicone fillings or natural fat injections are placed to improve the buttocks for each of the following conditions:

    The buttocks are uneven and uneven in size with the body, (one hand is different from the other).

    The buttocks are small in size.

    Small buttocks due to muscular atrophy.

    Types of buttocks:

    Enlarge the buttocks with silicone filling technology:

    Silicone fillings have many shapes and sizes, enabling doctors to choose the right solution for each case, giving the patient the desired shape.

    It is a silicone sealant approved and approved by the agencies of medicines and health of the world is a natural sense, such as fats in the body and do not cause any interaction in the body.

    Enlargement of buttocks with fat redistribution or fat injection:

    Buttock augmentation is performed by liposuction by liposuction from areas containing excess body fat such as the thigh, abdomen, and area of ​​the legumes. It is then injected into the areas to be enlarged, healing is faster, but the female may need other operations to Access to large size.

    Buttock augmentation process:

    The buttocks are enlarged in a fully equipped operating room under medical supervision.

    The operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.

    Operation takes about an hour.

    The process of enlarging buttocks by placing silicone fillings:

    A surgical incision is made about 3 cm long in the folds of the skin.

    Through this wound a pocket is made in the buttocks in preparation for the filling fill.

    Silicone fillings are placed either under the skin and fat directly or under the muscles. This option determines the appropriateness of each case.

    Then fill the appropriate filler filler in the pocket prepared to make sure to reach the desired shape and then close the wound surgically.

    This wound disappears completely after one month of operation. Leaving little trace.

    Duration of operation and residence in Turkey:

    Buttock augmentation surgery is one day surgery that does not require hospitalization.

    The operation duration is 1-2 hours.

    Important Tips After Buttock Enlargement Process:

    It is necessary to wear a medical brace that supports the buttocks and helps to draw the aesthetic form in the first period after the operation until healing.

    Sit down and sleep on the back should be reduced in the first week after the operation.

    Side effects:

    As in any surgery, there may be some swelling, pain or glaucoma, but it does not wear to end in a few days with medical medical treatment.

    12 – the process of reducing the buttocks

    Is one of the most plastic surgery done to remove the stubborn fat concentrations located in the buttocks because of lack of sports or a busy life system.

    These groups lead to an inconsistency of the body, which loses the person’s confidence in himself and pride in his body and here comes the role of plastic surgery to fix this imbalance.

    This process can be conducted alone or with other stresses in some cases that need to be coordinated and improve overall strength.

    Its purpose is to improve the shape of the buttocks and to achieve the required consistency in the size of the buttocks with the rest of the body areas. This operation is conducted for both men and women who wish to perform this operation.

    Fat accumulation in the back area for several reasons, the most important:

    Genetic causes.

    Obesity, laziness or laziness.

    Lack of mobility and long office work.

    Reduce buttocks in males:

    Minimizing the backside of males and females is performed to make them completely flat, causing the rotor to turn back.

    In order to minimize the size of the buttocks, the doctor should examine carefully to ensure that the size of the buttocks are due to excessive accumulation of fat and not for another reason, such as tumors and cysts. It also has to compare the two parties, perhaps there may be a larger hand on the other.

    The best candidates for the reduction of buttocks are males and females in each of the following cases:

    Individuals with severe back pain due to family and genetic reasons.

    Individuals who have an enlarged back end of obesity result that have caused fat accumulation in the back area.

    Increased backside resulting from inactivity, laziness, lack of mobility and long office work.

    Women who fill excess fat in order to enlarge the posterior, some women may request the mobilization of fat excessively, which contributes to the accumulation of more fat in the back area.

    People who have an inconsistency in their backs, that is, a larger side than the other.

    Buttock reduction process:

    The tail reduction is performed in a fully equipped operating room.

    The operation is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia according to the patient’s condition.

    A very small incision is made up to 3 ml in the surface of the skin.

    The buttocks are then minimized using the latest medical techniques in liposuction.

    Due to the elasticity of the skin and its elasticity, the skin shrinks and forms around the muscles.

    It takes about an hour to minimize the tail.

    Important tips after the process of minimizing the backside:

    The process of minimizing the size of the posterior should not cause deformity in the shape of the posterior or dilute the skin covering it.

    It is advisable to wear a corset for one month after the reduction of the back.

    The medical brace helps to tighten the skin and draw the sculpted aesthetic shape of the buttocks in the first postoperative period until complete healing.

    As in any surgery may occur some swelling or pain or glaucoma, but disappears in a few days with medical treatment.

    Duration of operation and residence in Turkey:

    It takes only one day to minimize the backside. Hospitalization is not a day of operation, a process that is considered safe for the patient.

    13 – process of carving abdomen:

    The Six Pack is one of the most challenging challenges for anyone looking for a perfect body, especially athletes. Some athletes may need many years to show them, but not everyone who does this can succeed in this challenge. The reason is that their muscle composition in the abdomen impedes the formation of these muscles because of the fat being placed between the abdominal muscles.

    But as modern medicine advances, doctors have developed a new method to help the patient get rid of accumulated fat.

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