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Department of Oral and Dental Health

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Oral and dental health is an important health problem affecting the social activities of the individual. When a person has clean teeth, this enhances the self-confidence of the individual.
This is undoubtedly done by oral care and dental hygiene. The dental and mouth unit at our center works to solve all the problems related to mouth and teeth through the best technological equipment available in this unit.

Importance of oral and dental health

Oral and dental health have an important role and influence on the overall health of the body. Because the negatives or problems that occur in the mouth and teeth harm the public health of the individual. Dental caries and damage to the mouth directly affects the digestive system. Unhealthy teeth adversely affect the stomach and cause gastrointestinal diseases and have a negative effect on the brain, heart, kidney and lungs, and increase the risk of infection.

Dental Unit Services

We work in the oral and dental unit in our center, a staff of doctors with competence, experience and experience, and the unit is equipped with the latest technological equipment that works in the collection of oral and dental hygiene. In this unit solutions are found to problems related to oral and dental health and to various ages.

The services provided by Oral Dental Health Unit are as follows:

* Conservative treatment (treatment of decay, cosmetic fillings treatment channels ..)

* Prosthetic surgery

* Dental Surgery

* Dentistry for children

  • Orthodontics Department

* Treatment of gums

* Department of Agriculture

Full processing in one session

Oral and dental hygiene unit in our center is preferred because it provides services using the best modern technology and in civilized conditions. With these possibilities is done general anesthesia means the treatment is done and the patient is asleep.

Full anesthesia during treatment is useful in cases that fear dental treatment, people who do not have time to do more than a session of treatment, and patients who want to end treatment, which may last several weeks in one session, especially for the treatment of children’s teeth.

Department of oral rays

Our mouth and dental unit uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced urban laboratories to diagnose oral and dental diseases. Including oral X-rays that show the age of the problem and give a complete picture of the composition of teeth and jaws. This way the defect is actually detected at a certain point and is likely to cause pain in the jaws.

Small camera

During the examination and general examination, a small camera is used inside the mouth and the inside of the mouth is examined in detail. Means the patient works a full round in the inside of his mouth. With each small camera, each tooth is filmed on its own and the images are uploaded onto a screen so that the patient can see them. In this way the patient can identify his mouth in detail and understand better. If we look at oral complaints, we find that they are diverse, including mouth diseases, pests, broken fillings, various problems in the gums, toothpicks and tooth decay that can not be seen with the naked eye can be easily seen by these devices.


Crooked teeth and abnormal jaws in children and adults are treated by orthodontic experts. The cause of the problem is investigated and appropriate solutions are found.

In this context, these problems can be classified as follows:

* Tight jaw

* Warp or deviation

* Enter or lower the lower jaw

* Problems related to structural damage

Gum treatment

Gum problems and inflammation of surrounding tissues are treated by experts in the treatment of gums. In this context, these problems are classified as two main points:

* Gum stagnation

* Gingivitis

Factors leading to such problems as vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition factors and microbial agents are identified and treated.

And oral hygiene has a significant role in the subject. In addition to providing the necessary treatment, doctors will educate and educate patients in ways to clean the mouth to become healthy mouth.

Prosthetic surgery

Patching of broken or lost teeth can be done to compensate for this deficiency by prosthetic surgery. People who suffer from a lack of teeth can perform fixed and mobile prostheses to compensate for this deficiency.

In this context:

* Cases that cause damage to the aesthetic appearance can be changed and change the appearance of the person covered by a layer of porcelain and thus compensate the person for the lack and get the integrated appearance.

* The grafting is done by the crown, which is called a crown and there is no difference between it and normal teeth.

* Fixed and mobile bridges are also installed (modern – and traditional)

Department of Agriculture

Through the development of technology in recent years can be installed artificial teeth fixed for people who do not have any teeth. This process is performed by fixing the screws in the jawbone.

With dental implants, people who are hurt by the use of moving bridges and installation can have fixed and beautiful teeth.


Surgical interventions are widely practiced in oral and dental health. With this surgery, the invisible risk is eliminated, which can open the way for serious problems. In some cases they are

The tooth or part of it is implanted into the bone of the jaw either because of its formation or because of this age.

Dental implants, dental abscesses in the mouth, and minor fractures and kidneys in the jaws can be treated with surgical interventions. These operations are performed in case of general anesthesia if necessary.

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