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Department of laparoscopic interventions

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The use of laparoscopic methods of diagnosis of civilization. It has been in the process of rapid development in recent years and has been able to occupy many traditional ways. The use of endoscope is an advanced medical technology.

Endoscopy is an English word that is divided into two parts

(Endo) means “inside, inside” and “scobey” means “look, watch or watch” and by combining the two sections together becomes a telescope or binocular telescope. This word means the possibility of looking at the body from the inside directly.

Endoscopy or telescope: It is a projector, an accurate camera, a thin tube inserted into the body. With its complement of other elements.

Visual examination and treatment

It is accessed by entering the area to be examined in the body using a small and accurate camera. The captured scenes are shown by the camera on a display. In this way the doctor can see and verify the internal organs of the patient. In addition, the patient himself can see his body from the inside during this work.

In this way any organ is examined inside the body by visual vision. In addition to the examination and diagnosis process, secretions, fluids, or tissue can be taken from the required areas to be examined and analyzed.

This method makes it easier to diagnose the patient’s condition. But the method of laparoscopic intervention is not limited to examination and diagnosis. It is also possible to take advantage of the endoscope in the operation of any operation to the member who was diagnosed and examined.

Laparoscopic surgery does not require surgery and deep cutting in the body, as in traditional operations, which is why people are defined as “closed operations”. They are preferred and weighted more because they do not leave traces in the body.

Laparoscopic interventions in the Dr.alakkad hospital are carried out using the best and latest technological devices, which leads to the success of these operations. Laparoscopy and laparoscopy, bronchoscopy, hysteroscopy and arthroscopy.


Laparoscopy or stomach

It is used in the treatment of stomach and gastrointestinal diseases. A comprehensive examination and examination is carried out from the esophagus to the posterior exit through the gastroscope. Members are seen in detail and diagnose the situation. If you want to see these pictures or scenes from the patient or relatives can see them. These scenes are also saved on a disk and delivered to the patient. If necessary, a sample of CD tissues is taken

Digestive system during examination for laboratory analysis. Analysis of this possible sample also helps in the development of a satisfactory diagnosis of this condition.

In cases of varicose veins and gastric ulcers, rapid intervention can be done using the endoscopy to stop bleeding without surgery to stop this bleeding.



It is a process of observation and examination of the respiratory system from the inside using a telescope. In view of the respiratory sights we can identify several damage to the respiratory system such as, tumor, foreign bodies and internal bleeding. If necessary, some necessary analyzes will be performed to diagnose the disease.


The endoscope is used to examine the uterus from the inside. The uterus is seen from the inside and the tissue is examined in detail. In this examination, fibroids are identified.


Arthroscopy: It is used in cases of articular cartilage, especially in the knee and in the treatment of wounds in other muscles.

Coronary cartilage lesions, knee patellar lesions, knee stiffness, solubility and elasticity, and arthroscopy can be treated.

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