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Department of Internal Medicine

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In addition to diagnosis and treatment services, the Internal Medicine Unit offers both comprehensive examination and consultation services, and in addition, can deal with non-stop emergencies. Specialist physicians maintain 24 hours of service continuity.

The activities of the Internal Medicine Unit of the Turkish Hospital are supported by technical equipment. All tests, tests and imaging are carried out with every success in order to reach any type of diagnosis.


In the Internal Medicine Unit, the following group of diseases were diagnosed and treated:

Pressure problems

Diseases of gastrointestinal tract


Diagnosis and treatment of gastroenteritis, diabetes and other hormonal diseases

Counseling and education services for diseases in this group.

In addition, the organization will continue to closely monitor laboratory tests, treatment and diagnosis with all the specific specialties of gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and heart disease.

Thus, specialists in the Internal Medicine Unit are the first to take a step towards the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in many branches.

Treatments are provided at the relevant branches to identify the basic complaint of the patient with general health problems.

Compression diseases

Excessive pressure, which is a widespread problem, may be associated with many causes. It is possible to maintain a balance of pressure that shows differences according to age and sex. In this way possible damage to high pressure can be avoided. Stress control has an important role to play in adjusting quality of life.


This health problem can be controlled in many age groups and between the sexes through a regular treatment program.

The number of types of this disease is common. It has become possible to eliminate the disadvantages that cause the disease and control by taking the necessary precautions in a timely manner. As with every health problem, proper diagnosis is of great importance.

Rheumatic diseases can infect the youth group in the same way as other age groups.

Patient and physician collaboration in diagnosing and treating these diseases is an important factor to increase success.

Common disease: Arthritis

Of the most common diseases that can be encountered between rheumatic diseases. Arthritis is classified into two groups: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis, which can affect all age groups, is three times more likely to occur in women than in men.

Rheumatoid arthritis specifically affects young and intermediate age groups, while osteoarthritis affects the elderly.

Immune problems are one of the most important causes of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis causes swelling in the tissues associated with arthritis. It affects in particular the fingers, wrist, elbow, knee and foot pomegranate.

Bone arthritis infects people who have been injured for any reason. This disease, which afflicts all older people, and even a few, is known to be a debilitating joint.

Arthritis occurs most often in the femur, knees, feet, column and joints located in areas where the body’s weight is concentrated.

The joint, which consists of two bone nodes, depends on the movement of the body. For this reason, diseases that take joints from a place have a negative impact on daily life and movement.

Pain killers should be used as a disease with a lot of pain.

But in order to get rid of its effects or reduce them to the lowest level the patient must move continuously. Because rheumatoid arthritis causes bloating and swelling, swelling treatments should be used alongside pain killers.

The second part of the treatment is to give the joints mobility. Leaving joints without movement may lead to hardness and difficulty moving with the passage of time. In order to avoid this danger, the movement must continue.

Thus, exercise is of great importance in maintaining or improving the quality of life that has just been disrupted.

The treatment of diseases consists of three stages: lack of stress and fatigue, exercise and the elimination of pain

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