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Department of Hearing

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In the field of medicine means “audiology” and is based Odyoloji

Experts working in this field are studying hearing problems.


So what does a word mean?

Hearing is a series of sound waves and the human perception of these waves as sounds. After this definition it must be clarified that the subject of sound and hearing, and the health of the hearing organ which is the ear is the main element.

The hearing department works jointly with the ear, nose and throat section. This section employs experienced personnel in their field and uses advanced equipment to provide services.

What is going on?

The operations that are designed to study the functions of the hearing ear under the term (Adiometric) means the hearing scale. Audiometer: It is defined as a physical process applied to the person to measure his hearing abilities and that by responding to or response to the effects of audio.

Among the works that fall within this definition is the use of the Audiometer in the Audiometry Laboratory.

In order to solve hearing problems, the hearing scale must be checked and checked. The operation is carried out in a hazy, noise-free place. The hearing aid and the eardrum device are used to determine a person’s hearing loss. The type and degree of hearing loss is determined and evaluated by the experts and suggestions and remedies are provided.

Sometimes in order to overcome the problem of hearing loss may require the use of an industrial hearing system. In this case, the external ear condition is examined and the ear canal is molded and the appropriate type of hearing aid is determined accordingly. In addition to these works, the necessary adjustments and modifications are made to the hearing aids.

The department of hearing measurement is performed using the best technology and advanced equipment in this field.

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