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Department of hair transplantation technique (FUE)

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Nano-Fue – Nano (FO) – Latest hair transplantation methods:

Ten years ago, doctors developed a new technique in hair transplantation called FUE as an alternative to the traditional FUT technique with side effects. The technique was used as a new standard and although initially not accepted, many doctors started working on it, In fact, the technique of success has succeeded but with varying degrees of success significantly. Recently, the technology has been enhanced by the precision mechanical devices, which have contributed to increase the success rate to about 95% of these technologies. The technique of accurate detection NANO-FUE is an innovative technology developed by specialized doctors In the field of cultivation Hair.



No scars appear

Scars can be a major concern for people, especially men who do not wish to prolong their hair. Scars are caused by the line of cleavage that has been done during traditional hair transplantation. In the nature of the condition, scars do not get an eye phenomenon with the technique of abduction, Very small scars affect the growth of the hair follicle properly, so the hair may not grow in the desired way. The technique of accurate snoring (NANO-FUE) has contributed to eliminating this phenomenon even within the very small dimensions that reach the surface of the follicle. The follicles are pulled more accurately without The rest of the tissue is damaged, which means the healing process Where p will be apparent wounds was minimal, due to the very small size of the machine insightful, which is much smaller than you do the heads of traditional Alavttaf in the skin.

Get better farming results with Nano Fue technology

This involves the method and method of planting the hair follicle. The direction of the bulb is determined from the hole where the bulbs are placed. The method is done as in the fue technique. In other words, there will be a higher dynamic in opening the channels in the right direction, which is compatible with how the original hair grows. Therefore, the natural hair will not be discovered, and although the precision technique of NANO-FUE relies heavily on modern and advanced equipment and devices, Except she is You need an outstanding doctor skill that can be relied upon to make hair transplant work successful, that is, the overlap of human and technological factors together is ultimately determining the success of the process of agriculture or not.

Minimizing waste rate in Nano Fue technology

The nanoparticles are very thin heads, the rate of error and waste is less, and the growth rate of the bulbs extracted by the heads of nanoparticles are high equivalent to 99%, in contrast to the technique of snatching, which is normal growth rate of follicles 70% after the capture, Cultivation of thousands of hair follicles, which can number up to 5000 or more, but grow and continue about 4000 bulbs actually, and the rest of the bulbs may not grow due to the overlap of several factors, notably the nature of the scalp and the size of the machine that works on the hole of the scalp in preparation for planting hair roots.

With Nano Fue technology, better results when cultivating chin and mustache

Where many young people suffer from abnormalities in the chin area are natural or the result of an accident, which draws more than hair sometimes, so it is better to have a success rate of agriculture is close to 100%, this can be with the technique of accurate extraction NANO-FUE where The nanotubes are used to pick up areas of the beard without scars or deformities after extraction. A number of follicles can be withdrawn more because of the high accuracy and speed of the nano-minute heads, and the rate of waste as we mentioned is less, thus obtaining the result that every young man would love Has suffered throughout his life from the problem of spaces in the area beard and mustache In particular.

You should be aware that the success of NANO-FUE is based on the interplay of many factors, notably:

The skill of the doctor and the agricultural team.
The center’s interest in the patient before, during and after the operation.
The use of high quality varieties of stabilized materials for capillary roots including prp injection, mesotherapy and others.
You can see all these benefits within our hair and beauty center. Our center has been working for ten years in the development of hair transplantation techniques based in Istanbul, Turkey, the country that has been recognized as the most developed country in the last decade. For the coming from the rest of the countries in order to carry out cosmetic operations, especially hair transplantation, as it offers the techniques of cosmetics competition to European technologies in quantity and quality, in addition to the extent of mediating the prices enjoyed by Turkey if compared with other countries, what can spend in a month within Turkey Of transportation and accommodation with The cost of the client may be spent in other countries in less than a week. With regard to the cost of hair transplantation, you will find a big difference in cost, from the principle of relying on attracting all people to Turkey for the purpose of medical tourism.

In our hospital, we have worked to keep pace with the medical revolution in Turkey, and we have brought the best techniques and materials for successful hair transplantation, as we have seen in nanoscale technology, the latest in hair transplantation, He went with the rest of the techniques and services that include:

Hair transplantation techniques, such as in plasma or prp sessions, which help to nourish hair roots centrally, in order to support and install them and get guaranteed results and not to get any waste.
Provide a distinguished medical team that provides professional medical services, including medical advisory and support team and surgical team headed by the surgeon overseeing the process of agriculture.
Provide travel and accommodation services, as well as tours at the request of the patient, which in general can help to make the process, even if minimized.
We offer customers a range of packages that are suitable for all expatriates. The cost of the customer with agar and accommodation (on request) is between $ 1000 and $ 2000 maximum.
Plasma Hair Injection (PRP) is an effective treatment option for patients with hair loss, a non-surgical therapeutic option. It is a promising option to re-stimulate hair growth. Plasma-rich plasma is injected into the hair follicles. How to develop this technique and the principle of its work and its usefulness to hair.

How did the idea of ​​plasma injection of hair develop? How does the application process take place?

The idea of ​​plasma comes from the presence of catalysts in the human body represented by blood platelets and other blood products such as many intra-cell structures such as glycogen, particulate matter and alpha granules, which contain the basic growth factors that help in regeneration of tissues and healing, taking a calculated amount of human blood (The blood of the patient itself), which is about 8 ml if applied to the hair, and then placed in a device that excites the process of the separation of plasma and platelets from red blood cells, depending on the centrifugal force that is formed by the tremendous rotational force of the device, Many fields are present in all analytical laboratories.

In plasma plasma injections, the plasma layer of the patient’s blood is used. The patient’s cells, which have not been modified or changed, will not be rejected by the immune system, and the plasma is usually yellowish-white with growth factors. The plasma of hair in the capillaries is concentrated in order to motivate the mothers of the cells in the cells to grow. This is done after anesthetizing the patient to the top of the head so that he does not feel any pain. Although the injection pain is simple, the injection is only at the skin level and under the skin And a few millimeters deep.

In some cases, the plasma injection technique uses hair transplantation. The implanted hair needs growth stimuli to grow more naturally and for a shorter period. These injections also provide the hair with thickness, density and strength with vitality.

What is the success rate of plasma injection of hair?

Results differ with each patient, but preliminary studies suggest that patients treated with plasma injection can respond to treatment at a good rate, and research indicates that the success of plasma injection locally achieved significant results in large, especially in the treatment centers reliable.

Other uses for plasma injection:

Plasma injection can be used in cosmetic surgery, facial and maxillofacial surgery, wound healing, and muscle and bone injuries. It contains the growth factor of fibroblasts and the growth factor of connective tissue and skin, but in this case the patient may need to apply more injections. The patient’s blood was unstable, such as thrombocytopenia, sepsis or acute and chronic inflammation, as well as chronic liver disease and skin diseases. It is recommended that this technique should not be applied until the disease has completely disappeared.

Whether you are looking for a hair growth stimulator or want a hair transplant in Turkey with an integrated medical bag that includes plasma injection with expert advice, our center is happy to meet all the healthy hair growth needs. The center provides pre- and post-operative services, By plasma injections for hair and injection of mesotherapy along with the basic services of hair transplantation with the latest technology without pain or scarring.

PRP or plasma technology to treat hair loss

In our center there is a modern technology that allows the restoration of the skin and hair follicles by using special materials called plasma extracted from your blood, and then injected plasma in the areas of baldness, to repair damaged bulbs, and this technology in addition to the technique of Mesotherapy treatment of the strength of hair implanted by the technique of abduction , Also contributes to the repair of unsuccessful hair transplantation.

The Infiniti Hair Center has extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation using the latest techniques of modern medicine. The Center has performed more than 20,000 hair, chin and eyebrow transplantations, including cosmetic surgery or restoration of skin-damaged areas caused by burns And wounds that require deep experience in this area.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of removing the right hairs by the nature of non-falling from the area of ​​the back of the head between the ears of any nape of the head and transferred to the hair-free area.

PRP (rich plasma in terms of platelets) and hair transplantation

PRP is the natural plasma fluid taken from one’s own blood and the platelets contain more than one mm. Hair transplantation is performed through PRP for faster wound healing and faster hair growth. In hair transplantation through PRP, the wounds heal faster and the hair comes out quickly.

What is the FUE technique?

The FUE method is the most widely used method of hair transplantation today. In FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles are removed one by one from the back of the head by micronized micrometers, diameter 0.55-0.8 mm, and transferred to hair-free areas one by one.

Advantages of the FUE method

The FUE method is the shortest process in hair transplantation. The process lasts between 4-5 hours.

Hair transplantation questions

The FUE method is less harmful to hair roots.

Hair transplantation of the FUE method is painless.

There is no incision and stitching in the hair transplantation of the FUE method. And therefore do not scold.

Body hairs can be used to cultivate FUE hair.

Plant eyebrow

We can do eyebrow implants for people who are falling or falling eyebrows or have no eyebrows for any reason. The eyebrow implantation is the process of removing the right hairs that are naturally not falling from the area of ​​the back of the head between the ears of any nape of the neck and transferred to the area without the eyebrow.

Plant beard and mustache

We can carry the beard and mustache process to people whose skin or hair is diminishing for any reason. The beard and mustache transplantation is the process of removing the intact hairs that are naturally non-falling from the area of ​​the back of the head between the ears of any nape of the neck and transferred to the beardless area and mustache.

Hair transplantation FAQ

Can anyone make a hair transplant?
Everyone can make a hair transplant.

Is there pain in hair transplantation?
Local anesthesia is used in hair transplantation so there is no pain

Is age an important factor in hair transplantation?
Hair can be grown for anyone aged 18 to 60

How long does hair transplantation take?

The length of the hair transplant depends on the number of hair follicles that are grown. But generally lasts 6 to 8 hours. It is worth mentioning that the patient can continue to work and his daily life normally within two days ..

When does hair growth begin?
The new hair begins to appear at the end of the fifth month of the operation, but the final results begin to complete at the end of the year after the procedure.

Can heart patients, blood pressure and diabetes perform the process of agriculture?
They can carry out the operation after conducting analyzes from us.

What is the cost of hair transplantation?
The cost of hair transplant varies depending on the number of hair follicles planted

Are there any scars after the transplant process, and does the hair appear implanted naturally?
There are no scars after the operation because the technique used is FUEE. As for the appearance of the hair it looks natural because the channels are opened with Lateral Slit

Is it possible to plant all hair-free areas in agriculture?
This answer depends on the hair density in the back area of ​​the head.


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