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The word LASIK means that the cornea is modified by laser. It uses a precise tool called microcithrom to remove a thin layer of the cornea surface except for a small part that keeps it attached to the eye and is pushed back (this can also be done with a femtolizer or so called intralasek) The internal corneal tissue (estimated by the type and degree of visual impairment) and then the surface layer of the cornea is returned to its normal position to bind without the need for any surgical stitches.

What does LASIK mean?

LASIK is the abbreviation for Laser In situ Keratomelleusis “”.

This means that the doctor sheds the laser beam on the cornea, which is the superficial surface of the eye

The first step

Although you will remain awake throughout LASIK surgery, you will not feel any pain after putting an eye lotion solution. The eyelids are gently removed from each other using a medical instrument

How to eliminate vision defects by LASIK?

The laser adjusts the surface of the cornea as appropriate to the patient’s eye, leading to a clear image on the retina and complete dispensing of glasses and contact lenses.

What type of laser is used in LASIK?

The laser used in the process of LASIK is called “Laser Excimer” and is characterized by accurate accuracy in the control of the surface of the cornea and its results amazing and stable.

What is new in the technical advancement of hardware?

The involuntary movement of the patient’s eye during LASIK, which avoids laser deviation from the patient’s axial axis.

The characteristic of preserving the corneal tissue, which avoids many of the complications that occur frequently with the less advanced devices.

The ability to treat major defects such as myopia up to -17 degrees and length of sight up to 6 degrees in addition to Astbjmizm up to 6 degrees.

The speed of the completion of LASIK in several seconds and therefore do not dry corneal tissues during LASIK.

Regularity of the treated surface completely while preserving the original corneal sphincter.

Without any pain at all during or after LASIK.

LASIK is an eye opener and is necessary for cases with corneal abnormalities.

Is LASIK suitable for correcting all vision defects?

Lasik treats short sightedness up to 17 degrees and in some people even more so if corneal thickness is appropriate. Lasik also works to treat the length of sight up to six degrees and more. Astigmatism can also be treated with lysik even if it is in large degrees up to six degrees.

What is the right age for LASIK?

Lasik can be performed when the degree of visual impairment (myopia, myopia, or astigmatism) stabilizes. This usually occurs at the age of 18 to 20 years. Lasik can also be performed for older people up to 70 years

Does the patient need anesthesia during LASIK?

LASIK is done after anesthetizing the surface of the cornea with a narcotic droplet only. The patient is not exposed to general or kidney anesthesia, and the patient does not need to stay in the hospital, but goes home after the completion of LASIK.

What precautions should LASIK be?

Do not wear contact lenses for a few days before, and no cosmetics should be placed on the eyelids. Also, the patient should not use any perfume on the day of LASIK because the aromatic vapors inhibit the laser from entering the patient’s eye. It is preferable to use sunglasses for several hours after LASIK

Does the patient suffer any pain or pain during LASIK?

The patient is not suffering from any pain during or after LASIK.

Does the patient need a long dose of cortisone after LASIK?

Absolutely not, this is the advantage of LASIK.

Is myopia back after LASIK and does the patient need to restart the operation?

Not at all, the results of LASIK are stable and the short-sightedness does not recur for a lifetime when modern scientific rules are used during LASIK.

Do developed countries advise their citizens to do LASIK to correct their vision?

Yes, of course, the use of an X-ray laser to correct vision defects has been authorized in Britain since 1988. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which gives the necessary licenses for all new drugs and processes, has now approved the procedure in the United States. And scientific experiments conducted in this regard, and even the US Navy to conduct the pilots using the latest devices, the same device that we have. LASIK is authorized by all scientific and governmental bodies in all countries of the world rich and poor without exception for more than ten years.

What are the advantages of correcting LASIK refractive defects with other surgical means to correct vision?

The correction of refractive defects in LASIK is characterized by the following:

On the cornea is the surface layer of the eye, without the need to enter into the eye, such as the implantation of lenses and others, so the patient away from many complications.

It does not require anesthesia or hospital stay, but the patient goes home once the lysik is finished.

Lasik is done in only 3 – 5 minutes.

The results of LASIK are very accurate, immediate and lifelong.

The patient does not need cortisone drops or long after LASIK.

There is no pain during or after LASIK.

The recovery period after the LASIK operation is only four hours and can then work

When to look after LASIK?

After LASIK, the patient feels a mild haze that does not obstruct vision for only four hours, after which the vision becomes normal in the normal lighting inside the house and the high light during the day. Some patients may feel light halos surrounding the car lights and light poles at night, but they do not hinder night driving. Vision in the roads during the night return to normal in a week or two.

Does the patient refrain from watching TV or using the computer after LASIK?

There is no need for the patient not to watch television or use the computer immediately after LASIK.

What are the contraindications after LASIK?

The only contraband after LASIK is to let your eye and swim for only two weeks until healing.

Is it possible to pray after LASIK directly?

Of course, ablution, prayer and prostration can be performed immediately after the LASIK process, taking into consideration the lack of eye contact during wudoo ‘.

When can I return to work after LASIK?

After LASIK it is recommended to return to work the next day immediately.

When can cosmetics be used after LASIK?

Eyelids can be used on eyelids after LASIK the following day, taking care not to touch the corneal cosmetics.

When can I exercise and swim after LASIK?

Non-violent sports that do not have direct contact after LASIK can be practiced directly. Those that may include any kind of friction, including different types of ball, prefer wearing protective sports glasses in the first months and allow swimming after two weeks.

Which is the best LASIK or lens implant?

LASIK is an external process, unlike the process of implanting lenses that are done within the eye at present. There is almost agreement among many specialists that LASIK is the best. In cases where LASIK is not suitable, lenses can be implanted or natural lens removed with an artificial lens implant of appropriate strength

Is the LASIK process painful

Most patients do not feel pain during the operation due to the use of a superficial anesthetic to express an eye drop to numb the surface of the cornea


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