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Department of Cardiology

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Department of cardiology

The Department of Cardiology works as doctors and staff with experience and high efficiency and provide services supported by advanced technology.

Depending on the possibilities available today, it is possible to diagnose and examine the painless and sophisticated heart and to obtain the necessary information on the condition of the heart away from traditional methods such as opening the arteries and install devices and inject the substance inside and risk of tissue damage.

Among the methods used in this field are as follows:


(ECG) * Electrocardiogram (ECG)

(ECG) Holter ECG monitor

* Color Doppler imaging


Small metal electrodes are installed on the arms, legs, and chest. The wires of these poles are then connected to the ECG, and the device then detects the electric impulses that occur with each heart accuracy and records them. The ECG determines the rhythm and conduction disorders in the heart and can also diagnose coronary insufficiency and stroke. Signs of enlargement of the heart chambers and expansion of the heart or ventricle are also identified. All of this is evaluated by the electrotherapy pacemaker. You can check the effect of heart medications, instability of pulses (especially increase or decrease in potassium in the blood) and other diseases in the body and the extent of impact on the heart. ECG is applied to ECG work

, Disease symptoms and results (ECG) in a medical laboratory and pool results

The inspection and results of other laboratories are evaluated together.

(ECG) Electrocardiography (ECG) test during the exercise.

In the rest, it is not possible to determine some differences in heart performance and these are determined during the increase of heartbeat resulting from exercise or movement. This is why the heartbeat test is applied during movement.

In which the person to whom the test will be tested will be tested on a treadmill with several calibrations and the appropriate speed control according to protocols. Before the test, during the exercise and during periods of rest is monitoring and reduce the heartbeat and measuring pressure at appropriate times.

It is determined whether the cause of chest pain is caused by coronary insufficiency or not, coronary insufficiency in patients who do not suffer from chest pain or not, the ability to exercise and the safety of exercise, response to rapid heart rate and blood pressure With exercises, determine the heartbeat disorders during the exercise and evaluate the results of treatment. This method is also used to assess the existing risk and effects on the coronary artery, stroke patients and coronary insufficiency, who underwent coronary artery grafting, and control patients who performed the balloon catheterization.

(ECG) Holter ECG monitor

Among the ways that ECG (ECG) Holter is ECG monitoring

Accreditation for information and results on the heart.


This method is performed by a device installed on the patient by a belt and works to record and monitor the heart 24 hours continuously.

In this way, the device records and monitors changes in this period during walking, running, driving, working, eating, having sex, and daily activities. Sleeping hours, waking up, feeling tired, coma, trauma, chest pain, and symptoms of the disease all are recorded means a full day. After this, a copy of this recording is taken and checked for any developments or disturbances or abnormalities in the heartbeat. If there are any developments, the relationship between them and the symptoms of the disease and the daily activities of the patient are verified. An evaluation of the results of medication, pacemaker or medical interventions for the treatment of rhythm disorders, as well as assessment of the results of balloon catheterization and coronary artery grafting is also assessed.

It is an important method of monitoring patients with coronary insufficiency and ulcers.

(ECG) Holter method can be used to monitor ECG

With patients who can not apply the method of exercise test because they pose a high risk for them or with patients with physical disabilities. The progress and development of computer technology in recent years has led to an increase in the diagnostic value of the method

ECG Holter ECG Monitor


Colored Doppler

Sound waves using color doppler are today a priority and are important for the diagnosis of many diseases.

Doppler testing does not pose any risk to the patient and is dependent on the use of high frequency sound waves.

Transmitting high-frequency acoustic waves across the body resulting in vibration of a type of crystal. A small section of these waves touches the tissues in the heart. The body tissues reflect these waves in varying degrees in the form of an echo that is received and transmitted within a special computer to images that appear on the screen.


Doppler imaging measures the size of the heart, enlarging its walls, and evaluating the heart’s contractions, heart valves, the sections separating the heart chambers, the veins that emerge from the heart, the tumors and the tumors in the heart, the fluid collected in the membrane around the heart can be seen, Limitations, industrial valves and other strikes are checked, and the speed of the blood pump is measured from the heart and blood pressure.

Mobile blood pressure monitor

Is a light monitoring device that is installed and carried by a belt strapped to the center of the patient and is used in measuring blood pressure. This device is wrapped in a tape with a small hose around the hand and is pumped at varying intervals of time every day every 15 or 30 minutes once a night every 30 or 60 minutes once, measuring blood pressure and recording the results. The device also removes the wrong measurements and works at the expense of average blood pressure day and night for 24 hours. After the device is installed on the patient for 24 hours the information in the memory of the device is printed, analyzed and verified.

It occurs when some patients in the case of going to the hospital or to detect and inspect when the doctor or the nurse to measure blood pressure, they suffer tension and excitement, either with their own or without, resulting in the emergence of blood pressure above the existing.

It is called “high blood pressure when you see the white coat” and this causes wrong diagnosis, unnecessary treatment and sometimes treatment that harms the patient’s condition. For this reason, patients who do not suffer from blood pressure strikes associated with important organs such as the heart, kidney, eye and brain, but their blood pressure is high because of the white coat and to reduce the impact should follow the work of blood pressure relief.

This method is especially useful for patients with pressure and resistance to body pressure treatment, as well as patients who use the treatment of blood pressure, but their blood pressure below the normal rate, and patients with seizures in blood pressure and also to evaluate and verify blood pressure in patients sleeping.

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