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Dental treatment and beautification

Be with us You and your family are safe.

We offer dental treatments and beautification in an integrated hospital specializing in oral and dental medicine.

The hospital employs doctors from various fields of dental and oral medicine with a great experience and performed thousands of operations.

Our services are characterized by:

Completion of all treatments in one session, no matter how low or low
We choose the color of teeth with precise electronic equipment
We use laser technology and leptin
We use electronic needles for local anesthesia
We cooperate and work with 12 quality and brand in dental implants and compensation
All treatments are guaranteed and secured


In dental treatments we offer the most advanced technology. The hospital contains:

3D imaging systems
Intra-dimensional scanning systems for measurements
Computer-aided design and manufacturing systems
The latest dental implants
Electronic anesthesia needles
Laser and fibrous techniques
Electronic tooth color measuring devices


Dental implants

The goal of implanting teeth to implant new metal implants place teeth, by replacing damaged or damaged teeth, or to compensate for missing teeth, due to diseases that cause advanced tooth damage.

Dental implants have a cosmetic and functional goal, which replaces normal teeth. And permanent dental implants in all cases, whether you have a missing tooth, one or two, or a group.

At the Turkish Health and Beauty Center, we use the best species, the most famous manufacturers, as well as the latest findings of the science and medicine in the field of dental implants and beautification


Hollywood Smile:

What we call “Hollywood Smile” is an amazing scientific revolution in the world of dentistry. It is a very thin ceramic veneer, like the lens of the eye, which is placed over the tooth to adjust its shape and give it a permanent whiteness during a very period of time.


Hollywood smile is one of the best choices:

The “Hollywood Smile” is one of the least harmful and least harmful dental procedures compared to other ways in which doctors remove multiple layers of age to get similar results. Very old tissue is removed only.

Elements of Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile must achieve the following elements:

The teeth characteristic is proportional to the shape of the laugh.
Toothpaste with each other with no gaps between them.
The color of the teeth is excellent to match the skin color and be closer to the natural color.
Healthy and pink gums.
Objective of the process:

Re-form and natural color whiteness of teeth for life.

Tips for people who want a Hollywood smile:

The color of the veneer should be chosen to match the color of the skin and the gums surrounding the teeth. Choosing a heavy white tooth may not always be the best option.
The teeth covered with ceramic tiles must be kept clean because the ceramic veneer does not prevent cavities caused by neglect in cleaning the teeth.
It may not be the best option for people who have deep bites or who grind their teeth during sleep because they will break and break easily, and sometimes the patient needs to put a protective device for teeth.
The patient should periodically follow up with his doctor to examine the teeth and the ceramic crusts to help the success of the treatment and prolong the life of these crusts.

Doctor’s satisfaction and patient satisfaction:

Before the procedure is performed, the individual must determine the color and shape of the teeth he wishes before discussing the subject with the doctor. After that, the doctor’s options are discussed with the doctor. The doctor’s experience and vision of the patient is essential to reach the best options for the patient.


Duration of stay and stay in Turkey:

To get a Hollywood smile you only need two sessions:

The first session is to take the dimensions of the teeth and the oral print of the patient for the manufacture of ceramic veneer in proportion to the shape of the teeth.

The second session is half an hour in which a thin crust of the surface of the teeth and the installation of ceramic veneer on the surface of the teeth.

In just two sessions, the individual can get the stars’ smile with whitish teeth for a period of time not exceeding half an hour.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with the latest equipment and the most sophisticated in the world and all cases of pigmentation teeth and discoloration.

Where teeth whitening technique

Teeth whitening

A method that is done by placing a substance on the teeth to interact with pigmentation on the tooth and remove.

Whitening teeth with light

A light-emitting device is used for whitening and is safe and effective in giving a cosmetic result of 95% success without causing any sensitivity

Laser teeth whitening

It is the best and most advanced as it does not produce any sensitivity at all and only in 3 minutes.

Dental treatments with full anesthesia

Dental clinic offers full anesthetic dental treatments for various patients who can not handle their teeth at the regular dental clinic.

Most cases that require treatment with general anesthesia are the advanced pathological condition resulting from neglect for a long time.

This solution is also suitable for patients coming from outside Turkey, where the duration of their stay in Istanbul is limited and want to end all dental treatments and beautification in one session and here is general anesthesia is appropriate.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of dentistry and head-neck surgery, which provides surgical treatment for diseases, fractures, conditions and facial malformations, in the jaws, tissues and surrounding organs.

Spermectomy (the bone that carries the teeth as complex dislocations and the extraction of clenched teeth), where the root edge is cut to treat inflammation at the tip of the root of the tooth, during which the inflammation and the tooth edge are eliminated.

Treatment of the cyst in the jaws is a bag with a tip filled with liquid or half liquid content. When the cyst is present in the jawbone, it destroys it, and therefore, it must be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Previous surgery for age compensation, whether in agriculture or traditional solutions where loss of teeth, for various reasons, to absorb and loss of support soft tissue in the face, which may make changes in the structure of the bones of the face. These changes often result in severe aesthetic deformities. In the hospital, complex bone transplants are performed to rehabilitate the bone that holds teeth. Such as nose lift and bone implants in the oral cavity.

Rehabilitation of the facial bones, as injuries to the bones of the face and behind a significant shortage of solid and soft tissues. Where operations are performed to restore facial bones, eye quarries and cheek bones, by implanting bones from the pelvic area and skull.

Surgery related to the integrity of development is a therapeutic method that uses surgery to repair the bond between the jaws, one of the jaws is more prominent than the other, or very narrow compared to the other jaw. People who live with this deformity suffer from functional difficulties in eating, swallowing, speaking and performing properly. These problems can be solved by surgical treatment.

Injury to the facial maxillofacial where fractures can occur in the facial and maxillofacial building after a single injury in the facial area or as part of a wide and multiple injury. A large proportion of the injured are people who have been injured in accidents. Fractures in the bones of the face, if untreated, can cause untreated aesthetic disorders, facial appearance, and functional disorders of the jaws and teeth. Treatments include stabilizing and fixing fractures, fixing teeth and repairing soft tissues.

Treatment of disorders in the joints of chewing where problems can appear in the joint jaws several signs and symptoms, such as: Arthritis, hyperventilation “clicks”, lack of movement or excess movement, muscle spasm, pain in the joint due to erosion.

Surgery of malignant and benign tumors in the oral cavity characterized by the oral cavity in the diversity of tissues that include teeth, gums, salivary glands, alveolar bone and soft tissues. These may all be a source of benign and malignant tumors in the oral cavity. Diagnosis of the specific tumor type is done by examining the tissue. Pancreatic tumors are treated by local eradication, while malignant tumors are characterized by different levels of severity, which determines the specific treatment type.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is provided in the framework of a specialized oral and maxillofacial surgery hospital, whether with local anesthesia or full surgery as needed. Complex operations are performed in the operating rooms of the hospital.


The objective of filling the cavity of the teeth to repair the damaged teeth, which was damaged as a result of gradual erosion in the outer layers of teeth. The padding procedure includes opening the tooth, removing decay, removing the damaged tooth tissue, and digging the tooth in a way that allows artificial filling. Then fill the holes with special material.

The process of filling the teeth with one session under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition. It uses cosmetic fillings that do not leave an impression to look natural.


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