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Comprehensive medical examination

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What is the comprehensive medical examination? (Check-up)

Is the process of assessing the health status of healthy individuals. Or early diagnosis and identification of an existing disease. It means caring for yourself and your health. And be aware of your health situation.

Due to developments in the field of medicine, many diseases can be treated and avoided at the beginning using different methods and methods. In this way, the patient provides NOVA with high costs to treat his illness after reaching difficult stages.

Any disease in its early stages can be prevented by regular check-ups.

(Check-up) check-up

Is an English word, recognized and known worldwide as a comprehensive medical examination.

By means of check-ups, the health risks of individuals and diseases can be determined in advance. In this way it is possible to identify many diseases are in the initial stages before becoming effective in the body and treatment and prevention. Even individuals who do not have any health complaints are considered to be a comprehensive health protection.

Who should be doing a checkup?

Especially those who work in hazardous occupations, families with a specific disease, and those who are old and vulnerable, should not wait any longer. They should only allocate half (1/2) of their day to check out the health clinics that specialize in check-ups to choose the right health program for them.
Make a check-up plan

A check-up process should be planned by the doctor taking into consideration the risk factors related to the person. After the results of the Czech Republic, the doctors will give you the necessary information about the results of the checkup and at the same time will make suggestions for further improvement of your life and your health. Check programs vary by gender and age. There is importance to doing a survey or screening for cancer

Prostate in middle – aged men.

Our Checkup Programs

Detailed check-out program

•Check-Up Program

Chekab Health Program for Men

•CHEK Program for Women’s Health (1)

•Checkup for eye and retina

CHEK Children’s Health Program

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