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Through Dr.Alakkad’s website, you can now obtain free medical consultations through the doctors contracting with Dr. Al-Aakkad,
Now you can get the best consultation for treatment in Turkey. In addition to your help in diagnosing the disease, you can now get treatment at a lower price and better doctors in Turkey.

You can fill out the free medical consultation form through our website now. You can choose the appropriate section for your satisfactory condition. This will help us sort it out directly to the doctor to follow up your case and respond to you through our company as soon as possible.

Dr. Al-Akkad is contracted with a selection of the best doctors in Turkey with the following specialties:

Baby tubes, hair transplantation, health and beauty, nose surgery, disc treatment and more.

The team of doctors will work with Dr. Al-akkad to submit a comprehensive medical report on your health. After that, we will  starting the appropriate treatment for your health by choosing the best hospitals in Turkey and of course under the auspices of our team of doctors.

Because your health is expensive, we will choose the best for you

Please complete this form carefully and fully aware of the patient’s health status
It is best to attach radiographs or analysis images if they are present
The fields containing the * are required fields to be filled

You can contact us at 00905347113489

The first step

personal information:

The second step

Medical report:

You can add the analysis here.

NOTE: The files are allowed (gif,png,jpg,jpeg,pdf,jpg,doc) And that the total size does not exceed 3M

The third step

Book your medical appointment

( Schedule an appointment to start your treatment trip ) *You can choose your favorite time throughout the year

The fourth step

Services: Our services are distinctive

We are keen to give you the best service to suit your needs To provide you with integrated medical care .

Reception service to and from the airportA private driver accompanied youPersonal Escort ServiceProvide a special nurseBest hotel booking serviceFacilitate visa proceduresOrganizing integrated tourist trips

Thank you for your confidence in the medical staff of Dr. Al-akkad. We will reply to you as soon as possible

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