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Our Mission

about us

  • We are a team of doctors with professional competence in all different medical specialties. We work in a unified medical team to provide medical consultation and treatment services to various patients around the world, and to achieve the best medical and therapeutic services and consultations we have sought to be our medical staff in all hospitals in Turkey.
    We focus on providing a wide range of medical services with the best and most advanced medical devices and machines of quality that allow us to improve the health of the communities we serve with love and understanding of the needs of patients. We are Dr. Alakkad. We aspire to be the first choice for people and to provide the best quality. Medically and medically possible, as well as the best doctors and specialists.
  • We also seek to change medical services in Turkey in a way that positively affects people’s lives. We work together, placing the patient at the top of our priorities and at the top of our agenda, where the patient care and adherence to the values ​​and ethics that are embodied in the honesty and sincerity and continue to work hard and professional in our medical field, which distinguishes us from many of the centers that provide medical services in Turkey, Your Excellency is the highest priority of Dr. Al-akkad.

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