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Choosing the right hospital to perform surgery, to see a doctor or to treat our children is very important. The importance of choosing a hospital is as important as choosing the right doctor. The criteria for selecting the right hospital for us are its development in terms of equipment, The availability of medicines, the efficiency of doctors and nurses, the cleanliness of the hospital, and patient care provide complete health and psychological care.
Health care in Turkey has improved significantly than in the past. Turkey has advanced as a regional hub for tourism, healthcare and medical services. Turkey is currently receiving thousands of foreign patients from European neighboring countries every month and has continued to seek medical excellence and strong experience to create high quality patient care services. The health care system seeks to become a global competitor with other developed countries in the field of health services, so it has not only achieved regional excellence but also globally. This country is always moving forward in the quest for better health care that is always accustomed to it. Health care and the pursuit of patient safety. If you plan to make a trip, a vacation or a treatment, just come to Turkey and the staff of Dr. Alakkad will take care of you and your family with ease and ease.


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Through integrated medical departments and state-of-the-art medical equipment, we provide the patient with the safety, comfort and care he needs to recover and return to his daily physical life as soon as possible.

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Your medical guide in Turkey with the latest treatment methods. Full health and medical services, all Turkish hospitals in your hands, best hospitals and doctors, medical consultations under full medical supervision.

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